Eva Kolenko


Eva Kolenko is a Novato, California based photographer. Her curiosity, adventurous outlook, fierce work-ethic and collaborative spirit has enabled her to cultivate a diverse collection of advertising and editorial clients. This perfect-bound, 38 page piece is accompanied by a perforated recipe card and poster-insert.


"When I decided to do a big printed promo piece this year, as soon as I saw Emma's work I knew she was the woman for the job. Her aesthetic is so fresh and welcoming, which was right in line with how I wanted this piece to feel. All said and done she exceeded every expectation I had for this book. Not only did she get my vision but she brought a plethora of brilliant ideas to the table that really took this project to the next level. The creative side was the most important part of the project for me, but I also really appreciated Emma's streamlined and organized process. With such a big project it would have been easy for me to get buried or lost along the way, but Emma's concise and methodical emails keep us right on track!"



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