July 04, 2013

To celebrate the Fourth of July, I decided to create a loud and proud graphic with fun all-American typefaces. I’ve been looking for an excuse to use the western font Dude, designed by Dan Gneiding, for quite sometime. I absolutely adore the twelve (that’s right, twelve) different styles that the font comes with. The second typeface used with Citizen Slab, designed by Joel Felix. This font comes with tons of awesome alternate letters so be sure to look at the *glyphs* when you download it.

Both fonts can be downloaded for free but I highly encourage you to donate what you can to support these generous designers. Or just share this post with friends to get the word out! Now, go have a blast watching fireworks and celebrating Independence Day! –Chelsea

Font #1: Dude
Number of styles: 12!
Classification: Display Slab Serif
Designer: Dan Gneiding
Get it: Here

Font #2: Citizen Slab Regular
Number of styles: 1
Classification: Display Slab Serif
Designer: Joel Felix
Get it: Here

TAGS : Design, Top Notch Type


July 4th 2013

i love the boldness of these fonts! perfect and oh so fitting for the 4th of july!


So festive! I love the “Dude” font.


July 16th 2013

Dude is a cool font! Really diggin’ the playfulness of it.

Also, for you or other type lovers, check out the font community – It is invite only or subscription only I believe, but it quenches any design addicts thirst for typography.