Top-Notch Type | #34

February 21, 2013


There’s nothing like the beauty of each individual letterform. How often do we really stop and study each form? I was quickly inspired to do so when sharing this week’s Top-Notch Type, Gravitas One. Beautiful bold serifs always have the best letterforms with their varying weights and details! When you’re searching for fonts next time, look for those special characteristics that stand out! -Eva Black

This week’s font : Gravitas One
Number of styles : 1
Classification : Display Serif
Designer : Sorkin Type Co
Get it here —> : Font Squirrel


TAGS : Design, Top Notch Type


February 21st 2013

That is one good looking G!!!!! Inwas using Otama for a client the other day, an elegant serif like this but more on the sophisticated fashionable side, it was one sexy Q!

Btw, really love this cloumn!


February 21st 2013

I LOVE this font. I download them all. =) This is one of my faves.


March 28th 2013

Emma, your Top-Notch Type serie is fantastic. You have a great selection of fonts! Love your blog, been following for a while and just wanted to say it’s a treat for the eyes!