Emily Miller


Emily Miller has 15 years of editorial and commercial production experience, producing shoots for a diverse lineup of clients. She is a firm believer in the power of design, finding herself heavily inspired by minimalism. Naturally, we worked together to find and tweak the perfect typeface that would draw in a sleek and professional clientele.

A few words from Emily: "Words that come to mind when I think about working with Emma: upbeat, collaborative, tailor-made. Emma began our conversation with comprehensive questions to understand my work, style and motivation for branding. Neatly organized, she provided a solid groundwork of plans, and set expectations which enabled our creative exploration. As our working relationship developed, Emma offered myriad possibilities yet pointed solutions. Most important to the process, our ideas volleyed in the most inspiring way. The final result is a mirror of exactly what I imagined. When I offer my cards to the world, I like that my branding supports the work I do as a producer - through the attention to detail and care about the production of ideas into art."