September 12, 2013

“This week’s font, Bariol, is another Behance find. The typeface has a whole showcase site where you can see all of the styles and download two for free ( pay for with tweets ). I recommend checking out the site to see the complimentary icon collection. Bariol seemed like the perfect music poster font, so I paired it with one of my favorite bands this year – First Aid Kit. Check out my favorite song, Emmylou, to hear the sweet harmonies of this swedish duo.” –Loren Crosier

Font: Bariol
Number of styles: 8
Classification: Sans Serif
Designer: Atipo
Get it: here


September 05, 2013

“I’ve been finding a lot of prime, free fonts on Behance these days. Just type “free font” into the search criteria and see what happens. It’s great because the designers usually present each font in a unique and interesting way. They also usually only offer one or two weights of each font for free, but hey, that is something! This week’s font, Dense, comes in a regular weight. I like using a “dense” typeface like this for clean infographics and titles.” –Loren Crosier

Font: Dense
Number of styles: 1
Classification: Sans Serif
Designer: Charles Daoud
Get it: here

Photo by: Tadashi Kawamata


August 29, 2013

“I’ve been playing around with the idea of moving to Berlin for a few years now. As soon as I discovered “Berlinstagram” on instagram I became an avid follower, liking almost every photo. The founder, Michael, just started a webpage! The words listed above are the section titles on the website. They are perfectly fitting descriptions of what he photographs and probably great words to describe the city. I paired this city with one of my favorite serif types–Justus. Check out his instagram and you will be tempted to move to Berlin too, I swear!” –Loren Crosier

Font: Justus
Number of Styles: 6
Classification: Serif
Designer: Kuhnrath
Get it Here: Dafont

Top-Notch Type: No. 47

August 22, 2013

Hey Guys! I know TNT has been a bit slow these days. I had a lot of fun asking guest designers to participate but I decided to invite someone to be our font-finder on a regular basis again! Her name is Loren Crosier – she is not only my wonderful studio mate but a talented designer & artist. I was very happy to see that she went with an abstract collage for her kick-off post. She’s got an eye for collages – check them out on her blog.

“I’m very excited to start sharing regular TNT posts with all of you Emmadime readers! Each week I hope to share a great free font that goes with a theme I am passionate about or anything relevant. I was inspired by Emma’s words last week on abstract art and the artist Mia Christopher. This week I played around with objects in a digital collage and paired it with a simple contemporary font, District Thin. –Loren Crosier

Font: District Thin
Number of Styles: 1
Classification: Sans Serif
Designer: GarageFonts
Get it Here: Font Squirrel


July 04, 2013

To celebrate the Fourth of July, I decided to create a loud and proud graphic with fun all-American typefaces. I’ve been looking for an excuse to use the western font Dude, designed by Dan Gneiding, for quite sometime. I absolutely adore the twelve (that’s right, twelve) different styles that the font comes with. The second typeface used with Citizen Slab, designed by Joel Felix. This font comes with tons of awesome alternate letters so be sure to look at the *glyphs* when you download it.

Both fonts can be downloaded for free but I highly encourage you to donate what you can to support these generous designers. Or just share this post with friends to get the word out! Now, go have a blast watching fireworks and celebrating Independence Day! –Chelsea

Font #1: Dude
Number of styles: 12!
Classification: Display Slab Serif
Designer: Dan Gneiding
Get it: Here

Font #2: Citizen Slab Regular
Number of styles: 1
Classification: Display Slab Serif
Designer: Joel Felix
Get it: Here

Top-Notch Type: No. 45

June 27, 2013

I decided to take over this week, as I haven’t done one in a while. I also wanted to put a small twist on the usual free aspect of this column. This week’s font is NOT FREE – but before you aww-man and dang-it all over the place, hear me out.

I have really enjoyed continuously putting these posts out there for you guys to pull from. It has also been a priority for me to keep them free so that everyone has access to them, no matter what your budget or financial standing is. BUT I wanted to take today to say: yes, there are awesome free fonts but there are also even BETTER ones that cost a pretty penny. I had a hard time buying fonts for a long time because they have always been this thing that is readily available and just kind of… there!! but then I learned more about what goes into designing a GOOD font and decided it was worth it ( we studied this where I went to college but not in great detail so it took me some extra time to feel this way ). Talented people put time and energy into perfecting them – so why wouldn’t we be expected to buy them?? and don’t worry – this column will continue to showcase free fonts only, promise. Unless you don’t mind seeing one with a price-tag every once in a while??

This font, Buttermilk, was design by Jessica Hische, a well-known letterer & illustrator. One of my favorite projects that she did was her Daily Drop Caps – She illustrated a decorative letter every day for 12 alphabets. She also created the film titles for Wes Anderson’s film, Moonrise Kingdom. Pretty cool huh?

Font: Buttermilk
Number of styles: 1
Classification: Display Script
Designer: Jessica Hische
Get it: Here


June 20, 2013

I love using this font family. Not only does it include eight free styles, but the overall feel of the font is clean and modern. It has a slab-like serif without any curves or distortions giving it a slight masculine feel while the round tittles and lower case characters add softness to the hard-edged serifs—it’s just my type! Bad joke aside, you really can’t go wrong with this one! –Julie Edwards

Font: DejaVu Serif
Number of styles: 8
Classification: Serif
Designer: DejaVu Fonts
Get it: Here


June 06, 2013

“One day I was on the hunt for a clean looking, rounded sans serif – after sifting through handfuls of free fronts I settled on Station. I was looking for something modern and simple, and liked that the rounded ends were slightly reminiscent of the stencils I used when I was a kid. –Loren Crosier

Font: Station
Number of styles: 1
Classification: Sans Serif
Designer: Bossard Anthony
Get it here: UrbanFonts

Top Notch Type | #42

May 30, 2013

“Fatboy is a pretty nifty slab serif created by Matt Braun & Matt Griffin of Bearded (I just hope that hand can handle all that weight). It’s a display face derived from old wood type from the early 1900’s. This font comes only in caps & in one weight. Since it’s a display face, it is best used at large sizes.” –Jose Lopez

Font: Fatboy Husky
Number of Styles: 1
Classification: Slab Serif / Display / All Caps / Wood Type
Designers: Braun & Matt Griffin
Get it –> here

Below is some of my favorite work Jose has up right now. I think he has a very diverse portfolio that definitely shows off all his strong suits! You can see more of his work on his website and on Dribbble. I actually found him via this project on Dribbble – I love the simple thin lines and use of color.

Top Notch Type | #41

May 23, 2013

“I have a penchant for clean, sans serifs and always veer towards them in my designs, so when I stumbled upon Neou, it was love at first sight. It’s versatile, structured, and looks equally great used as a small header or a larger headline. I especially love the way it looks with the kerning bumped out a bit and reversed to an outline. It only comes in caps, but hey, sometimes that’s really all you need.” –Jessica Comingore

Font: Neou
Number of Styles: 2 (thin, bold)
Classification: Sans Serif, Display
Designer: André Uenojo
Get it here:

Top-Notch Type | #40

April 25, 2013


Not too long ago, I invited you guys to submit designs for the Top-Notch Type series ( I am 100% still accepting designs so send them my way ). This week I will be showing off my favorite entry so far – It’s by a designer friends of mine, Star St.Germain. I met Star in Palm Springs at a design retreat. She is smart, strong, and passionate about what she does so I was honored that she sent us a font.

A few words about her font: “I adore vintage type, and this one hits all my retro-love buttons! It comes in 2 styles (round & sharp) with an oblique version of both. The upper and lowercase characters are both in caps, but the crossbars on the uppercase are at an angle. You can choose just how slanty you want it just by switching cases. The type designer has also released a big-brother to this font called Bourbon. While Bourbon is a premium font, it’s inexpensive enough to give you more options than Moonshiner without breaking the budget.”

Font: Moonshiner
Number of styles: 4 (round, round oblique, sharp, sharp oblique)
Designer: Mattox Shuler
Get it here: Dribbble

Top-Notch Type | #39

March 28, 2013


Hey Everyone! Now that Eva has sadly left the column, I decided to invite a few guest type lovers to show us what they’ve got. I found this week’s designer, Jonathan Lawrence, on Dribbble and knew he would kill it! ( …and he did, of coarse ) One of my favorite projects that he’s worked on is this one, for Richard Photo Lab. Talk about taking a logo and making it come to life. Bravo Jon! Keep it up.

“I probably dislike 95% of the free fonts out there. Finding one that has quality and consistency in all it’s characters can be pretty challenging. That being said, I really like this font, Hello Denver, designed by Good Apples. It’s got a nice, strong industrial feel to it. A little vintage, a little modern, something you’d see on the side of a train. It’s difficult to read at small sizes, and not available in small caps, but still really nice for display text, headlines, or any large details.” -Jonathan Lawrence

Font: Hello Denver
Number of styles: 2
Classification: Sans serif / Stencil / Display / All Caps
Designer: Good Apples
Get it here: Hello Denver