Introducing Erin Dollar – the owner, maker, and designer behind Cotton & Flax. Since 2010, she has been creating limited edition textile goods, as well as fine art prints on paper, from her home studio in Los Angeles, California! Check it out.

…a little bit from her:
“The Spring Collection for Cotton & Flax debuted a few weeks ago, which included a few new products (cocktail napkins! wool felt trivets! new pillow sizes!), as well as fresh new colors and patterns across the whole collection. I’m a big proponent of slow design – I don’t rush the design process, and each product I create for Cotton & Flax is developed over weeks and sometimes months of testing and experimenting to find just the right fabric and pattern design for each piece. This means I only release new pieces a few times a year, but the new products are always my absolute favorites. I’m excited to finally share these new pieces, and to start designing for more new products to debut in early Autumn.”

…and now her favorite piece & why:
“My favorite piece from the outfit: the jewelry! The necklace was made by my friend Kate, and I love everything she makes! I’ve really enjoyed watching her work evolve over the time I’ve known her. The eye ring was made by Kaye from Datter Industries, who I had the pleasure of meeting last year at Renegade Craft Fair. All her work is so fun and odd – I feel an instant camaraderie with other ladies who wear her jewelry, like we’re all members of a cool club of weirdos.”

Also, Erin was kind enough to offer up a set of cocktail napkins for one reader to win! They are perfect for having a lady-friend over for a drink or a special dinner with your significant other!! Printed by hand with eco-friendly ink, these napkins are a serious treat :)

To enter:
+ Follow Cotton & Flax on Instagram
+ Leave a comment below mentioning your favorite item in her shop!

Check out her → Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Blog
Photos by: Laure Joliet

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Monday Distraction*

April 14, 2014

Day dreaming of warmer days & distracting myself from work on this lovely Monday morning!! I booked a trip to Mexico this summer and it’s all I can think about now ( …as I sit here in a big wool sweater and scarf ) I truly am considering getting this Scoth & Soda botanical shirt. It’s like a more awesome fitted version of the classic tacky hawaiian shirt! p.s. I also have a tropical inspired Insta-Discoveries coming up next. Like I said, I have margaritas and white sand on the brain!

01. Yestadt Millinery Hat | 02. La Prestic Ouiston Antique Lau Jumpsuit | 03. Scotch & Soda Botanical Shirt | 04. Yosi Samra Flats

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Artifact Uprising

April 01, 2014

Alright y’all. Who wants the chance to design their own postcard pack from Artifact Uprising!? I’m not going to lie, it’s fairly addicting. After getting my first set, I very quickly started setting aside more photos for the next round. I’ve also started working on a love-book for me and my man, ha. I think it would be really fun to start printing these regularly… Who wants to go down memory lane via a laptop and a bunch of random JPG files? That’s not fun.

The postcard pack comes in a set of 20 on 100% recycled paper – and are inspired by the “disappearing beauty of the tangible”. They have this wonderful softness to the print quality that leaves them feeling… it’s hard to explain! I love it :)

To enter: Go here!!
Giveaway ends on: 04/08 – Goodluck +

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March 30, 2014

I recently started working alongside jewelry designer, Courtney Cady, at Cuyana in San Francisco. She always struts in with the most amazing assortment of jewelry on – low and behold it’s usually from her own collection, Bagtazo. I am now her biggest fan!

“Bagtazo is inspired by traditional body adornment and primitive production techniques. Using simple materials worked by hand, the pieces are derived from folk and tribal wares.”

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No. 6 Store

March 24, 2014

I’m in the market for some clogs and came across these gems. No. 6 store has such an amazing selection of colors and styles. How to choose?? It doesn’t help that the model is seriously cute and pairing the shoes with incredible looks… That black dress?? Yum.

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Love Dart

February 23, 2014

Every once in a while my jaw drops when I find a product that I truly connect with. These bags by Sonia Scarr of Love-Dart?? It 100% happened – my jaw was on the floor!! Like the majority of the stuff I discover, I was perusing Instagram when her Banjo Bag caught my eye. The color of the leather, the simplicity, the shape – Ugh!! The same thing goes for basically everything in her shop.

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On the Lighter Side

February 16, 2014

My favorite color right now is overwhelmingly light grey – mixed in with some black & white! I don’t know when or why it happened but it’s hilarious. The other night, I arrived home from work & transitioned into my i’m-home-&-tired-clothes & I literally was wearing light grey everything – undies, pants, top, bra, everything – what!?? I am most comfortable when my outfits fall under the greyscale umbrella so I naturally started drooling when I stumbled upon this & this! I’ve always loved neutrals and have definitely tried to fight it – thinking it was boring or lazy. It’s time to stop that nonsense and just embrace the fact that color ain’t my thang, most of the time!

01. Shades | 02. Dress | 03. Boat Neck Sweater | 04. I-D | 05. Heeled Boot | 06. RGB Polish

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Cynthia Rowley

January 07, 2014

Introducing Rowley Eyewear – a brand created by fashion designer, Cynthia Rowley. It is playful, chic, and bold – just like the designer! Anyone who has a shop with an entire floor dedicated to candy, is cool in my book. The website launched this summer, appealing to female and male fashion-lovers from all over! Rowley claims that “fashion is ever-changing so why should your frames remain the same?” I totally agree and embrace this! What do you guys think?

A little story:
You guys may not know this about me but I have worn glasses my entire life. Sadly, they would only come out during the darkest hours of the night to avoid embarrassment. My severe prescription caused the glass to be super thick – I guess you could say I looked like a bug. No wait, a tarsier. BUT over the past few years, I have become a huge fan of eyewear – as there are now so many amazing options to choose from. As of right now, I have two pairs I’m not afraid to sport out in public. Im thinking about investing in some colorful ones – maybe these blush No.62s or No. 78s!

Check out her → Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Oh and guess what??
Cynthia is amazing and has offered up one pair for you guys to win!
We also have a discount code for 20% off: Use – Emmadime20

To enter:
( this giveaway is closed )
+ Visit the Rowley Eyewear site & find your favorite style! Then leave it in a comment below.
+ Follow the brand on Facebook

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The Wes Anderson Collection

December 17, 2013

I recently received this book as a very very very early christmas gift. The giver was so excited about the find, that he couldn’t contain himself, he had to hand it over. Understandably so! It’s called The Wes Anderson Collection and it’s the first in-depth overview of Anderson’s filmography, guiding you through his life and career. I have to say, it’s about damn time! There are unpublished photos, artwork, and ephemera that any Wes-admirer would be ecstatic to see.

“The interview and images are woven together in a meticulously designed book that captures the spirit of his films: melancholy and playful, wise and childish—and thoroughly original.” -Abrams Books

The size of the book is magnificent. It’s huge, a whopping 10″ x 12″!! You’re able to dive into the photos as if you were there – and when those photos happen to be of Wes in India or of him buddying up with Owen Wilson between shots, it’s pretty fun. I also love how the author expands the book into a series of video essays. He walks you through each individual film and all the gory details. Make sure to not overlook them, as they supplement the book experience very well.

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Gifting Frenzy*

December 13, 2013

Man, I am going to be so broke after the holidays! Here are a few more things that caught my eye while Christmas shopping & brainstorming gift ideas. Are you guys done yet? I’m almost there… it’s crazy how quick you have to be about it all. Before you know it, everything is either sold out or won’t be shipped on time. Eeek! Good-luck +

01. Anjelica Huston Book | 02. Marble & Wood Cheese Board | 03. The Brim Label Hat | 04. Winter Fragrance | 05. Indigo Dipped Mug | 06. Checked Scarf | 07. Boots | 08. Geos in a bag | 09. Bowl

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