Harmonious Color

September 21, 2015


I can’t help but make these round-ups revolve around a harmonious color palette – it feels so much more rhythmic when everything matches, doesn’t it? Tina Marie’s ceramics inspired this palette – her color combos are poetic!

01. Tina Marie Vase 02. OMG keychain 03. Illustration 04. Decorative Shaped Bookends 05. Colorful Matches 06. On Booze Book 07. Splattered Chocolate


June 22, 2015


Yay ~ it’s officially summer ( …as I sit in my office wearing a hoodie and scarf, ha ) This little collage was inspired by one of my favorite beauty brands, Herbivore Botanicals. Earlier this year, I tried my first HB product, the Orchid Facial Oil and was instantly hooked. Between the Jasmine in this oil and the bushes I have growing in my backyard, I’m surrounded by the scent. It leaves me feeling calm and happy. A few other products I’d recommend: The sea mist hair spray if you’re into coconuts, the rose lip butter as the days get hotter and dryer, or the coco rose body polish for an extra indulgent shower. All this to say, if you’re looking for an all natural beauty product, you should give them a try.

The imagery for the collage was pulled from a couple of places: The Herbivore Botanical Instagram, as well as my own Pinterest boards. Remember my “so long summer” collage? Why is it so much fun to chop things up and paste them back together?


A quick update ~
It’s been a while since I’ve posted huh? I have some fun ideas planned for this summer so I’ll be getting back to my regular schedule soon ~ i’ve missed it! Did y’all do anything fun for the solstice? I spent another long weekend working on The Hannah House and then rewarded myself with a morning off in Calistoga. I drove up to Indian Springs listening to my favorite jams the whole way ( …in our new car!! If you know me well, you know I’ve been carless for 2 years. It feels soooooo good to be more mobile again ~ sorry bike ) I’ll admit, wine country is still one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. The hills, vines, sun, winding roads – it was just what I needed. I hope to go there more this year. It’s an hour away! It would be stupid of me not to. Cheers to a new week and to more summer inspired blog posts!

Blinded by the White

May 06, 2015


We celebrated the new studio this week with our first shoot! I’m so excited to announce that the space is now open for photoshoots, small events, and workshops! With that being said, you should check out the new studio page here at emmadime.com

Note: I am considering turning the top level of the house into a shared creative office, but I wanted to get feedback from the community first. If this is something that any of you would be interested in being apart of, please let me know. I’m really excited about getting people in here to create, collaborate, and most importantly, have fun!

+ What I’m wearing: JCrew slingback sandals / Elizabeth Suzanne harper tunic / Koral white denim





Spring Round-Up

May 05, 2015


Wow! It has been so long since my last post, and for that – I am truly sorry! The first half of this year has been a whirlwind. Between launching Hands-On, exploring Europe for 3 weeks and moving into a new house, I am spent. The upside is, I now have tons of fun updates that I’ll be showering you with over the next week or so. So stay tuned! For now, I have a colorful Spring Round-up!

001. Etudes Studio Hat / 002. Weekday Palm Sweatshirt / 003. Large Mansur Gavriel Wallet /
004. Contour Key Ring / 005. Spitfire Sunglasses / 006. Everlane Street Shoe


March 19, 2015


we're excited_smaller


Over the past three months, Chelsea Fullerton Jones ( of Go Forth Creative ) and I have been working our tails off to create something big and beautiful for small business owners.

It’s called Hands-On and is being specifically built for the passionate and innovative. That’s you, I’m sure of it! It’s an online course unlike any other – chock-full of case studies, video lessons, templates and loads more – all the things you need to create and manage a successful brand.

With our combined knowledge of running prosperous design businesses, we’re ready to share our successes and failures, through a visually rich online environment that’s completely unique to any other course. Be prepared for Hands-On to delight you in ways you didn’t think learning could.

Blue painted hands

3 photos_2

Until our full-launch date arrives, head over to handsoneveryday.com to join our mailing list and be the first to know when the course outline and start date are released. For those of you that are curious about how a visual identity comes to life, we’ll also be sharing an inside look at our Hands-On design process. We can hardly contain our *excitement* for this new venture! We are thrilled at the thought of helping you and your business!

+ Sign up for our mailing list – handsoneveryday.com
+ Follow us on instagram – @handsoneveryday
+ Learn more about how Chelsea and I met on her blog


Sign up_less white



February 20, 2015


…Introducing my new weakness, jewelry ~ aka: hardware! I took a break from wearing jewelry for a LONG while and the streak is finally over! ( In college, I would wear like 15 horrible pieces all at one time. It was bad, really bad ) As I re-embrace my inner hardware loving self, I thought I would share some of my favorite recent finds with you guys! Enjoy +

01. Slice Bangle from Crown Nine 02. Thick ring from Madewell 03. Standing Arch Ring from Fresh Tangerine 04. Thanks Collar by In God We Trust 05. Coops Earrings 06. Say Hi Earrings by Casa Malaspina 07. Kuna Set by BagTazo 08. Diamond Cuff Bracelet by Torch Light 09. U-Key Ring by Carl Aubock

01 02

Today, I helped the San Francisco based company, Taylor Stitch, launch their new Blair Sweatshirt – a top I’ll most likely be wearing every other day now! It’s the “perfect piece to reach for when you want to dial up the comfort but not look like you’ve thrown in the towel. This sweatshirt checks all the boxes — it’s incredibly soft and easy to toss on, while a fitted silhouette and flattering raglan sleeve keep things looking stylish, not sloppy. Constructed from lightweight french terry, it’s the perfect layer to take you from morning errands to evening sunset strolls.”

~ Stay tuned, as I’m also helping launch an amazing light-weight chambray soon!
~ Photos by Mike Armenta, the Creative Director at Taylor Stitch

Gray trio 06 07 08

shop shop shop

December 08, 2014


I attended West Coast Craft this weekend, a craft and design show featuring carefully selected designers, artists, and craftspeople inspired by the mood and aesthetics of the West Coast lifestyle! Needless to say, it was incredible ( …and there were so many lovely ladies there!! ) I discovered new brands that I’m really excited about and was reconnected with old-familiars. Overall, the show heightened my awareness of how much creativity is truly out there and got me amped to invest in a few more pieces for holiday gifts! In the spirit of supportive-consumption, I thought I would share some items I have my eye one. Enjoy.

01. Archer Card | 02. Tea Towel | 03. Dot Tray | 04. Rosewood Vase | 05. East West Tote | 06. Ginny Sims Tumbler | 07. Spiral Notebook | 08. Palo Santo Incense Bundle | 09. Boat Card


01. Merrily Card | 02. Atelier Dion Mugs | 03. Herbivore Coconut Bath Soak | 04. Leah Ball Marbled Mug | 05. Velo Card | 06. Fuzzco Pocket Art Director

Bridge & Burn

October 13, 2014


How is it October already? Every single month has come and gone with such haste this year! Autumn is here, pumpkins are everywhere, and we’re already talking about Thanksgiving plans! You can feel each morning getting cooler and cooler ( we’re actually still getting pretty warm weather here in Oakland but I did travel an hour north this weekend and it was freezing! ) Either way, cool days and nights are coming – that’s a fact.

With that being said, I’m excited to share a fall-inspired shoot that I recently put together for Bridge & Burn – a Portland based clothing company. Do you guys remember when the owner, Erik Prowell, was a gentle-man!? His clothes are clean, well crafted, and functional – the aesthetic is anchored in quiet confidence and make-it-your-own versatility. Bravo Erik! Keep up the good work.


After selecting some of our favorite pieces from the new Bridge & Burn Fall line – we made our way over to Ampersand SF – a flower shop that recently opened up in The Mission. Their turquoise door is such eye-candy, we couldn’t help ourselves! Emerson & Benjamin, the owners, are truly friendly. A few minutes around these two and all of their beautiful flowers and you’ll be smiling from ear to ear.

Check out Bridge & Burns –> Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

BridgeBurn_AB-6700 Doubled Up BridgeBurn_AB-6753 copy BridgeBurn_AB-6716

Our second stop was this little spot called Billy Goat Hill – there were rumors of a rope swing that was calling our name! Sadly, someone had maliciously chopped the rope in half, leaving it too short for anyone to reach, so we just sat back and enjoyed the incredible view. One of my favorite things about San Francisco is how there are so many ways to take it in. As you move through the city, going up and down and around, you’re constantly seeing it from a different angle, height or speed. I feel like I never see the same thing twice! It’s magical.

Thanks, Bridge & Burn, for letting us run around the bay in your beautiful clothes!


What We Wore – Warbler Burgundy Coat | Lily Skirt | Juneau White Crewneck | Colter Navy Floral Dress | Bea Navy Floral Blouse

Photos by – Ashley Batz
My cute friend – Bri Scarff

BridgeBurn_AB-6772 BridgeBurn_AB-6836 copy BridgeBurn_AB-6851 copy BridgeBurn_AB-6919 copy Doubled Up2 BridgeBurn_AB-6943 copy BridgeBurn_AB-6873 copy

An Assortment

October 08, 2014


I’ve been feeling very bridal these days! Light colors, beauty products, and fun little details are all I can think about as the big day approaches. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I found my wedding dress this past weekend – I can’t tell you what an exciting moment it was! Overall, the search was not going well – I was starting to feeling a mixture of pure-panic and confusion. The fact that I couldn’t find a beautiful dress that made me feel happy was odd. Right?

In a desperate attempt to find something, I dragged a few friends to Shareen Vintage in Los Angeles. I’ve never been able to wear vintage well so I didn’t expect much. As soon as we walked in, we saw Shareen’s own personal line and that’s where it all fell into place! It is taking so much will-power to not post a picture of it right this second but you’ll see it soon enough. Wade & Jen are shooting the wedding weekend so there is no doubt in my mind that we’ll have some killer images and video :)

01. Necklace | 02. Fat & The Moon Lip & Cheek Stain | 03. Leather Cream Pouch | 04. Crepe Heels by Chloe | 05. RGB Nail Polish | 06. The 2 Bandits Crazy Diamond Earrings


September 29, 2014


I just had to show you guys these recent photos I took for OSC mini – adorable right? I wanted to use my seamless one last time before I moved out of my studio last month so Ari and I teamed up to photograph these little nuggets. They are wearing custom Oakland Surf Club tees and a few of the shops new Fall pieces. Overall, it was a hilarious morning full of giggles, tears, issues with sharing, and tiny clothing. I think I have found a new hobby… playing with children :)

IMG_2770_600 IMG_2739_Fixed IMG_2734_Fixed2 IMG_2590_Fixed

Inks & Thread

June 12, 2014

I recently teamed up with Maggie Pate, the designer behind Inks + Thread, to play out a creative personal challenge! She sent me a handful of her pieces and let me run wild with them – literally :) My goal was to capture images that would exude the same feelings her beautiful scarves produce.

Maggie’s work in patterns and textiles is a “cross-section that explores the synthesis of textures, repetition, and geometry.” She believes that these things “carry mood and transcend feeling.” Working primarily with silk, cotton, and chiffon – the lightness of all her pieces is inevitable. They’re just dreamy you guys, dreamy. It wasn’t hard to draw inspiration from them.

01. Elizabeth Suzann Artist Smock | 02. Inks + Thread Scarves | 03. The Samantha Pleet Arc Boot

Ashley Batz and I decided to run around Berkeley. We strolled up and down one of my favorite streets past one of my favorite houses! The homes over there are just magical. They are tiny, colorful, and surrounded by beautiful plants – the perfect backdrop for this little “assignment”. I’ve been taking more walks lately, exploring different areas – each one makes me fall more and more in love with California… How can a 10 minute walk around the block be so inspiring?