MOODY | NO. 04

January 27, 2014

I want to be able to put little notes in between photos when I feel it’s appropriate >> Maybe a few sentences…

It’s been a very long time since my last Real-Life Mood-board huh? You’ve seen snippets here & there of my huge one that’s up in the studio right? It’s basically a compilation of everything I have ever gathered & saved! I’m pretty proud of it, I must say. It’s becoming quite a beast.

My studio mate, Bri Scarff, decided to start one of her own ( because the wall is HUGE )!! I’ve really enjoyed seeing what she adds to it each day. I feel like we have very similar visual taste but at the same time, they are so different! We’re hoping that they will eventually meet in the middle and mesh into one big monster of a mood-board. I decided to snap some photos to show you what’s been going up! Enjoy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest. But there is something special about the process of finding a scrap of paper with a fabulous pattern on it or tearing a page out of a new magazine… you save it, treasure it, display it! You keep it for as long as you find it inspiring. You always remember where you 1st spotted it and what drew you to it. You have so much more of an experience when you interact with the piece of “inspiration” – as opposed to clicking “pin” online and boom, you’re done. Challenge yourself to do some real life pinning. It feels good :)

Moody | No. 03

March 10, 2013


I have to say that everything on this weeks board is seriously killing it.
It’s exciting to think about how much designing is going on in the world!!
Have you guys picked up any nice printed pieces lately?

The board includes:
A bright hand painted card from Jenny Pennywood | Jessica Comingore’s new floral business cards | A beautiful note from PresshausLA | A floral broach from the Alameda Flea Market here in the bay | A Quince & Co. tag from some recent yarn I purchased | Skull illustration by Jen Oaks | Tags & patterns from Baba Souk | A note from Jimmy Marble | A hello postcard and biz card from Frances May | Business cards from Dove Vivi & Studio on Fire | and more…


Moody | No. 02

February 07, 2013


Project real life mood-board is going really well. I was curious to see how long it would take me to acquire a fresh new board of pretty trinkets. The past two weeks have thankfully been rich with new friends, food, and fun so it filled up fast!! – and here’s everything to show for it. The Bay has been great to me so far – I still haven’t skimmed the surface of exploring all the wonderful suggestions y’all gave me when I posted here. I actually landed in the East Bay, not SF – so I am all ears if you have favorites spots over here.

…What’s on the board?
…Here are some of my favorites +

A Local Natives sticker | I went to Cookbook for the first time this month | Beads from Karen Kimmel | A STATE tag and thank you message | Pretty patterns from Kristen Marie | Purple dried flowers picked from my street | A print from David Dresbach at Studio On Fire | I felted the colorful balls myself | A navy & silver card from Flora | Some new earrings from Fresh Tangerine

Note —> You can see my first go at project real life mood-board here


Moody | No. 01

January 21, 2013


Having just packed up and organized all my things, I found a bunch of visual goodies I had tucked away in random places all year – including business cards, letters, photographs, and inside jokes! To make my new work space feel more at home and me-like, I selected some of my current favorites and made a mini mood-board! I am so used to making boards on the computer for my clients or for the blog so it was such a nice change to be able to handle the composition with physical objects. I plan to do this more, rotate and switch out all the visuals, and share the ones that I think are worthy of showing!! More coming soon + !!

…What’s on the board?
…Here are some of my favorites +

An orange print by Jen Gotch | An invitation from Kinfolk to their Dinner Series | Polaroids taken by Max Wanger | A postcard from the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs | Lots of business cards, including – My favorite place to get pastries in Los Angeles: Proof Bakery, a client from 2012: Cire Alexandria, a talented friend of mine: Kate Miss Jewelry, a drink master: Pharmacie LA, a memory from a long time ago: Magnolia Bakery, one of the most delicious pizzas I have ever eaten: Dove Vivi, a wood lover: Herriott Grace, and more…


Old School Moody

December 01, 2010





Salut!!** Some pictures of my inspiration/love board :) Letters from pen pals, my favorite Polaroid from Paris, things on my wish list, etc… I need about 10 more boards to display all of my favorites. What inspires you!?** Makes you smile every time you walk by it?