Helix Sleep

May 15, 2016


Zzzzz… I have a completely new sleep situation, thanks to Helix, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Over the last few years, sleep has been a big area of frustration for me – getting enough of it but also achieving the kind of quality rest that allows me to wake up and not behave like a raging lunatic. My first morning thoughts are never: “Oh yeah, Awesome! Lets do this!” Actually, that’s happened like twice and I remember thinking WTF is this feeling? You can imagine my frustration.

I don’t work in bed. I drink sleepy tea almost every single night. I try really really hard not to look at my phone in bed – don’t we all? I’ve tried to stop working a few hours before bed, to calm myself down. This is really hard to do with a jam-packed schedule. I’ve tried different types of bedding. Different kinds of pillows. I play different ambient sounds when I’m falling asleep. You get the point? I’ve tried, what feels like everything, to improve my sleep experience. The only variable that has stayed the same is my mattress — which is why I was sooooo excited to get a new one.


Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.08.40 AM copy_600

The Helix ordering experience was visually thrilling, ha. I’m not joking. Their branding and website was designed by one of my favorite studios, High Tide. I think I have spent equal time drooling over the branding as I have the actual mattress.

You start off by taking a ( beautifully designed ) personalization questionnaire about your sleep preferences and habits. They then use that specific information to customize your mattress. If you have a partner, you can actually have two sleep scenarios within one mattress. Bubba and I sleep so similarly that we just had the same specs applied to the entire thing. Our mattress was delivered to our doorstep within the week. It couldn’t have been more effortless.


Receiving and unveiling the mattress was surprisingly entertaining. It comes “roll packed” in a heavy but easy to manage box ( also beautifully branded ). Once you get the mattress out of it’s packaging, it instantly starts to open up on it’s own. Watching a king size bed unfold in a matter of minutes is pretty cool. We slept on it that night and couldn’t have been more cozy.

Overall, it was a great experience! Thumbs up, Helix. Thumbs up!



Other items shown:

We got a new bed frame from CB2 — The Drommen Bed. I’ve been sleeping on an ikea bed frame for… ever! so this was an incredibly exciting purchase. I was ready for something new – something we’d have for a very very long time. The beautiful patterned pillows are by a Texas based designer, Bunglo. The solid orange velvet pillow is from CB2. The wall hanging is from Urban Outfitters and the blue textile on the bed is from a local flea market here in the Bay Area.

Floyd Fix

March 28, 2016


…and just like that, the days are suddenly longer & brighter, making this corner of our home a dream to be in. We have a wealth of windows upstairs, allowing the recent surge of spring sunshine to brighten the top floor up a bit. And when I say “a bit” I mean you feel like you’re 5 feet from the sun – it’s awesome!

In an attempt to use this spot more, I put together an incredibly simple table using a $12 piece of wood from a local re-use shop and a Floyd Utility Set. It only took a few hours to hunt down the table top, paint it white, and assemble — like magic! My favorite aspect of all the Floyd products is that they can be repurposed into a completely new piece of furniture whenever you feel like it. That kind of flexibility is rare. We’re also using Floyd Legs for our coffee table and considered trying out their new Platform Bed set-up. Needless to say, Floyd is addicting – you’ve been warned!








January 08, 2016


Do you have a comfy spot in your home that is an absolute favorite to plop down in? Your go-to lounger that makes all your chill dreams come true? You guessed it — this is mine! It’s the newest addition to our spacious Hannah House and one that I have a feeling will get a lot of use. I was drawn to the Carson Chair from Smart Furniture because of its modern design. I love the hardwood frame and the depth of the seat – you can really lean back and relax.

I plan to do a lot more relaxing in 2016. This past year was one of many things but if I’m being honest with myself, it was mainly about work. I am a firm believer in chasing your dreams with so much enthusiasm that you almost explode. But not so intensely that you loose site of other things that are important, like health and community. Cheers to a new year, to chillin’ in my chill chair, and to… all around more balance!




Louise Gray

November 02, 2015

No. 03 Quilt

My first visit to the Louise Gray website was filled with pure joy. Not only do they make a gorgeous product but their overall design aesthetic and photography is spot on. It’s near impossible for me to not fall in love with a brand that values their visuals as much as their product. LG reinterprets the art of quilting with a discerning eye. Blurring the lines between form and function, their throws are equally at home draped on a sofa or hung on your wall.

Their modern design feels right at home in The Hannah House. As of right now, it’s keeping us company on cooler nights but I have considered getting their new Quilt Hanger and displaying it as art. Our walls are so bare and would welcome the bold shapes and colors. There is also talk of graphic prints, which I’d be ALL over. I can’t wait to see their future designs and watch them expand! No doubt it will beautiful.

LG copy_600 LG quilts2 b297a45cf0e1b9293e93eb3ad9c19840 e1800bd2f76a44da0ddf6f093ef6510d LG_design_600

The Hannah House

September 05, 2015


How have I not shared the nitty gritty details on The Hannah House yet? It has officially been 4 months since we moved to Hannah Street in West Oakland and I finally feel like everything is in its place. I’ll start off by sharing that my main challenge was upgrading from a teeny tiny apartment to a 3 story house – yes, I said challenge. We had tailored our life down to a very minimal existence and feel strongly about keeping it that way. BUT — we now have a lot of room to spread out, fill up, and get creative. It has been incredibly tempting to acquire more stuff during this process.

But let me back up a tiny bit. My husband and I were looking for a new place to live because we found out we’d be in the Bay Area for at least another year, probably longer. I spotted this house on CraigsList and my curiosity got the best of me. I knew it was way too much space and way out of our budget but I had to see it in person. Those floors? and the exposed ceilings? Come on! As soon as I finished the walk-through, it was decided. We had to live there.

Since then, we’ve been experimenting with creative ways to use the house. I originally thought a shared office would be cool but that didn’t pan out. We ended up successfully turning the 2nd floor into a photo-studio and have hosted some workshops and events too. Overall, it’s been a ton of hard work ( …and I mean a ton ) but we’re having a blast with this place. Our goal? To try and soak up every glorious minute of living here because we’re not sure how long we’ll be calling The Hannah House home. For now, it’s ALL OURS and we couldn’t be happier.

PC IMG_6632

The Hannah House Postcard — Art Direction by Emmadime / Design by Beth Abrahamson


At the start of our move, I teamed up with Smart Furniture for an office spruce-up. Being that I spend what feels like 99% of my life in the office, it’s important to me that I love my creative-habitat :) I’ve been working from the same desk for a few years now and wanted something new. My main priority was more space. I like to surround myself with lots of design books, inspiration, to do lists, notepads, candles, coffee and water, the list goes on. By the end of the day, it all creeps its way onto my desk or the surrounding area. If I don’t have room to support this way of working, things get ugly – and when I say ugly, I mean tons of pretty stuff thrown around in a really messy fashion, ha.

For the spruce-up, I went with the medium sized Blu Dot Strut Table and the Dang File Pedestal. The table provides ample space for gettin’ messy and the cabinet’s brass handles are what dreams are made of. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the new additions.


IMG_6678 IMG_6759 IMG_6670 Paired01 IMG_6754

That’s it for now! Stick around for more updates and an exciting feature on the Urban Outfitters blog. Also, if you live in the Bay Area and are interested in using the house, we’d obviously love to have you. Just shoot me an email! I want someone to come teach a yoga class under our big skylight. I also want to have a movie night ( inspired by this ). One thing I will admit, I don’t use this place for random personal things enough. That will change soon, I hope!

Make sure to follow along — @thehannah_house


Home ( for now )

January 28, 2015


Welcome to my tiny apartment in Oakland, California! I really enjoyed the studio tour I put together for you last year and thought I would do the same with a more personal space of mine, my living room. It’s not much but I sure do love it ( …and hate it at times, lets be honest ) I share the apartment with my husband, our 2 bikes, and my business. See that open door to the right of me? That’s my current at home office. Although, that will changing ( again ) soon, as I just found another studio space I’ll be moving into. yay! More on that later, I’m sure.


We’ve been through many ups and downs over the last 2 years here — stolen plants, block-parties, crazy neighbors, oakland protests, new restaurants, leaky roofs, evening walks, new friends… The main takeaway ( besides Calif. is awesome! ) has been to live as minimally as possible. There is such little storage that we physically can’t own much – there’s no arguing it. At first it annoyed the hell out of me but now I welcome the challenge. I consider all of my purchases, down to how many rolls of toilet paper we can store, ha.

One thought that always leaves me feeling excited and grounded at the same time, is that we’ll have many other homes throughout our lives, outside of this little space. I love to remind myself this when I get frustrated or complacent about my current situation. It inspires me to live more in the now and enjoy what I have today, which can be very difficult at times.

+ Enjoy the look around!

IMG_3598_600 IMG_3557_600

Bubba and I made our coffee table in a few hours one afternoon — it was super simple. We don’t have a dining room or any kind of kitchen table so we spend a lot of time at it — all of our meals, drinks, chats with friends, movies, email-sessions… everything!

Our new couch ( I’m obsessed ) is the Atwood Sofa by Gus Modern – via Smart Furniture! As you can imagine, we needed something that was nice to look at AND comfortable. The walnut base and button-tufted upholstery sold me. It’s an excellent option for a clean modern living room!

Paired_01 IMG_3512_600 IMG_3575_600 Paired_02 IMG_3531_600

Jack London Square Studio

December 10, 2013

Welcome to my studio – it’s 395 glorious square feet of windows, light, wood, & plants! This little corner of mine, located in Jack London Square, has become such a special place for me. It’s taken me a while to get it up + running & ready to show off so it’s my pleasure to finally be able to walk you guys through it. Rue Magazine featured the space on their blog today and asked me a handful of questions. I’ll be sharing a few of those with you, alongside some of my favorite pictures and product details!

+ Photos by Eva Kolenko
+ Collaboration with Euro Style Lighting

And to accompany this post – I am so excited to share a project ( video below ) that me and my friend, Wade, worked on together! You guys know Wade – he has done a few Lovely Lady videos for me :) He’s got serious talent! The video is a little “day in the life series” of a graphic designer. Things I do on the daily: Get dressed, ride my bike to work, coffee… you get the idea! Enjoy.

For the full interview, head on over to Rue.

It’s every creative’s dream to rent and decorate an inspiring space to work in but can be a big financial step. Tell us, how did you know you were ready to make the plunge?

“Last year I lived in Los Angeles, where I shared a space with an inspiring group of young creative entrepreneurs. It was the first time I had an office, let alone office-mates! It was a good match for me financially because we had a decent amount of people in there, splitting the bill in a reasonable way. It was a great opportunity for me to take the next step up in my work environment and still not break the bank. When I moved to the bay area, I knew that I couldn’t go back to working from home. I was hooked on leaving the house, being surround by business savvy peers, and having a separate work-zone that’s dedicated to just that.The big challenge was finding something as affordable as my place in Los Angeles. I was very new to the bay so I didn’t have a nice rolodex of friends to contact about sharing a space with, it was just me. I basically started searching in hopes that I would luck out? And guess what, I did!! It’s in an old building in Jack London Square, a warehouse district on the waterfront of Oakland. There’s great light, unique old details, nice people, and it’s in a really great location.”

It looks like your office is in a charming building!
Tell us how you went about finding the perfect place!

“Yes, it’s wonderful. It’s owned by this mysterious Italian family that hasn’t raised the rent in like 20 something years. It’s full of all kinds of different people – artist, tenants, transients… For me, the selling point was all of the old unique details that the building had. I did one walk through and knew it would be a special place to come everyday. In my experience, finding something like this is vary rare – I’m not sure how it hadn’t been snatched up. Luck I guess. My favorite aspect is the huge industrial elevator you can take to the top floors. It’s got this wooden gate that clanks down really loud and you just push a simple red button to go up or down! It makes me feel like I’m in an episode of Boardwalk Empire or something.”

What were the design goals and aims for your office space?

“All of a sudden I had 395 square feet of office all to myself! I was used to one little desk in one little corner so the amount of space and freedom I had was a bit overwhelming. My main goals were to leave it open and spacious for projects and photo-shoots but keep it welcoming and comfortable for meetings and designing at my desk. I’m feeling pretty good about where it sits right now.”

Your favorite part about your office?

“The light – literally 75% of my corner is covered in huge windows! It’s so nice to be welcomed by such gorgeous light when I walk in every morning. It keeps me awake, warm, and happy!”

+ Product credits: Staghorn Plant | Wire Storage Bin | Draper Lounge Chairs from Zuo | Wooden Flower Coasters | Frosted White Coffee Table | Abstract Journal | Typhoon White Metal Desk | Ikat Pillow | Leather Jamie Young Ottoman | Hardshell Modern Desk Chairs

Cushion Heaven

November 14, 2013

I’ve died and gone to cushion heaven! They are made by Bonnie & Neil, a company based out of Australia. I saw the bottom right pillow in person at a shop this past weekend and fell in love. The texture of the screen printed paint on the linen was so nice, the colors were super rich, and the fringe was a great additional detail. I have WAY too many pillows / cushions so I couldn’t even consider buying a new one. I am definitely bookmarking these bad boys for future decor needs though.

Ombre Tassel Pillow

October 14, 2013

Recently, I was asked to guest-blog for my knitting & craft buddy, One Sheepish Girl. Meredith and I have been friends for a while ( …having met in Texas, our home state ) so it was my pleasure to do something special for her blog. Since I’ve been focused on sprucing up my apartment & studio lately – a pillow felt like the perfect DIY. Throwing color on your bed or couch is such a simple solution to sprucing up a room!

All of the photos & instructions are on Meredith’s blog.
Head on over and check it out in detail.

‘Round These Parts!

August 27, 2013

Now don’t get too excited! This isn’t an official tour or anything. Last week, my studio mate & I decided to christen the place by throwing a little get-together. We invited some Bay Area creatives to come have drinks & just hang out. It felt really good to have people finally enjoying it with me! I have been taking my sweet time fixing the place up – probably too much time – so this little get-together was exactly what I needed to kick it into gear and stop dragging my feet. I still want to do a tiny bit of painting and… shopping but I am almost there!! I thought I would show you guys a few of my favorite corners.

That gorgeous turquoise glass vase is definitely stealing the show right now – being surrounded by so many neutrals, it seriously pops!! Sadly, the flowers didn’t survive the weekend. I accidentally left them in a hot sun spot and they got fried! oops.

That morning, I got my seamless in the mail so I set it up and had a celebratory dance + drink!! I have this huge empty wall that needed something special so I decided to invest in something I have wanted for a very long time. The other part of the wall has turned into my massive inspiration-board that will eventually be 100% covered ( …or at least that’s the goal ).

And last but not least, my favorite corner. It’s got cinder blocks, new plants, and that awesome circular crate that I found in my basement. Yes, it was covered in dirt and dust in a sad lonely basement. Thank goodness I was around to rescue it. I just wiped it off and hung it up. I didn’t repaint it or anything because it has such a great worn down texture. It’s perfect as is :)

That’s all for now.
Stay tuned for more soon!!


July 29, 2013

Cheers to the third Traveling Stamp participant — Kate Arrends of *Wit & Delight has completed her choice of medium: Linen Napkins. I love how she took the triangle shape and added a solid version for some variety. These look great mixed with her gray placemats & colorful meal. I might have to make myself a brightly colored set for my summer tabletops. Bravo Kate!! Enjoy.

Her thoughts:
“I have a soft spot for black and white patterns, and this little pink stamp was blast to play with. For my contribution, I chose to stamp black paint on natural linen napkins. The hand-cut quality of Emma’s stamp adds a bit of warmth to the graphic pattern, and the natural linen looks great against my stark white table. Also, it couldn’t be easier! I played around with a number of different patterns; for the most part I started in one corner and worked my way out.The imbalance of the random patterns gave me the best results.”

Next up, Jessica Comingore – Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram & Twitter with the hashtag #travelingstamp. We are documenting the mailing, making, and finished products for your Enjoyment.

Leah Bartholomew

July 24, 2013

When I daydream about my future-perfect-life, I think this might be what I see ( ha ). I found these images of Leah Bartholomew’s home on The Design Files & just died. That porch is definitely my favorite aspect of her place – All the chairs, plants, & light… Also, she lives super close to the ocean – you know you’re cool when you have a surfboard by the front door.

I have very fond memories from when I was little of sitting on my front porch with my family watching thunderstorms. They can be such a special place of relaxation and reflection. Bubba and I have a teeny tiny one at our new apartment that I plan to shape up into a nice little nook.