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November 13, 2014


For as long as I can remember, my morning routine has consisted of waking up, getting dressed, making some coffee, and “warming up” to all of my favorite blogs. There’s interesting content, it gets my competitive blood pumping, sometimes it sends me down a distracting rabbit hole of links but hey, why not? It has always been a fun way to start the day! I’ve recently decided to shift gears and turn all of my early morning attention towards designers and studios.

For me, a productive day starts with more of a design focused mindset — instead of reading about how to “set the perfect thanksgiving table” or where to “download new custom desktop” ( note: I love me a good blog post, I’m just trying to be more intentional about WHEN I consume this kind of information ). In an attempt to provide a more design focused morning for you ( or afternoon / evening – whenever you personally dive into blogs ), I thought I would share some work that really made an impression on me. Such inspiration! Enjoy +

+ Web Press by OfAnother

+ Black Visual Archive by Five Thousand Fingers

+ The Vine by Blok Design

+ We Are The Rhoads by Hum Creative
+ Mast Books by High Tide

+ Kay Li by We Are Branch


November 06, 2014


+ Happy Thursday!
+ See all of the Insta-Discoveries here.

01. Maddy Nye – Graphic Designer Extraordinaire
02. Leigh Savage – Designer & Art Director
03. Tara Firma – Freelance producer + Creative
04. David Kitz – Artist


September 08, 2014


This week, I decided to feature only 01 instagramer – because she is just THAT good! Her name is Jenn Elliot Blake and she is a freelance event designer, prop stylist and blogger located in Seattle, WA. Remember her lovely lady feature? Jenn recently wrapped up a trip to Morocco that was breath-taking. All of the colors, patterns, and stories. I may or may not have just spent like 30 minutes on Airbnb-Morocco, drooling over dream houses like this and this.

With a honeymoon around the corner, I’m going to bump this up to the top of my list. Bubba and I are getting married… 7 weeks from today but have decided to wait until he is done with his PhD to go on a big blow out trip. He will be done in less than a year so let the planning ( and saving ) begin!

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 8.57.56 AM Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 8.57.28 AM


September 02, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 4.50.57 PM

With August behind us and the fall season slowly approaching ( …although, the bay is about to enter into an indian summer, yay! ), I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how wonderful the last few months have been. I got engaged to a serious hottie, I launched the new Emmadime website, I travelled to new dreamy places, I moved out of my studio & committed to working from home again, I started to dabble in photography in a more serious way, the list goes on… It’s amazing what can happen in just a few light-filled hot summer months. I have come away from everything reenergized and exhausted. Happy and sad. Inspired and beaten-down. Summer always exudes such life, doesn’t it?


I wanted to pair these thoughts with a video that captured my attention a few months back. You all know Wade Koch, my favorite videographer in all the land! He had the unique opportunity to travel through Bali with a girl named Tengku Nabila and document her spiritual and celebratory expedition. Being incredibly moved the first time I saw the trip preview ( watch below ), I was on pins and needles to see the completed video unfold. It’s an odd thing – being moved by a strangers story? I thought I would share, as it left me feeling energized, inspired, and hopeful.

…a few words from her:
“After experiencing a broken engagement, I decided to shift the feeling of being overpowered to feeling empowered, and after weeks of thinking and reflecting, feeling and seeking, I finally decided to follow my gypsy heart­, the heart that finds strength and comfort in movement, and Bali was calling my name loudly. Traveling to Bali, I brought two things with me – a backpack and an open mind. The sense of calmness that exudes from the beautiful quaint towns, the gentle way of life from the Balinese people taught me to appreciate the beauty of simplicity. Most importantly, what the two-week journey taught me was to never underestimate my own strength as a person. I am definitely stronger than I often give myself credit for.”

+ Watch the FULL version here!
+ Photos by: Hazmiljapilus

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 4.51.57 PM Cliff Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 4.51.27 PM

Summer Collage

September 02, 2014


Check out my so-long-summer collage.
This is what happens when you drink two beers and combine pinterest + day-dreaming.
Goodbye beach-beers and swimsuits!

+ Imagery can be found on my Pinterest


August 25, 2014


I’m going to try and take it slow this week, deep breaths.
Apologies I’ve been so absent! I’ll share more of an update soon.

01. Sharon – A still life photographer based in NYC.
02. Made with Map – A visual mapping community celebrating people & their journeys!
03. Laure Joliet – Photographer. Lots of interiors. Lots of Los Angeles!
04. Nikki Garcia – Owner and designer of First Rite Clothing, SF based.

Read Up

July 29, 2014


I’ve recently scooped up a couple of magazines / books that have really captured my attention – I thought I would share. It’s so hard not to tear these up for my inspiration wall. I think it’s best to keep them in tact right? Fight the urge Emma, fight the urge!


001. Tidal just released their Spring/Summer — Issue 01. The editor in chief, Anna Wolf, is one of my all time fav photographers – I heard about the project a few months back and have been so anxious to see how it all came together for her. Big surprise! It’s awesome. She teamed up with her trés creative husband, Mike Perry, alongside a handful of other very talented folks – Lisa Butterworth and Kayla Kern to name a couple. The biannual magazine focuses on fashion, lifestyle, and culture, mixing New York sensibilities with a laid-back So-Cal vibe!

002. Mood is a quarterly magazine about music and food. Issue 5 embraces summer the best way MOOD knows how: with lots of drinks! “You’ll find drinking games, a night on the hunt for the right cocktail and a recipe for a delicious Calypso-inspired cocktail. It’s also about barbecuing, going to the beach, taking a vacation (to San Francisco perhaps) and staying caffeinated so we can spend those extra hours of light, wide awake!”

003. Spaces – Volume Two ( by Frankie ) is a collection of homes and homes-away-from-home around Australia: From the east coast capitals to the southernmost tip of western Australia. This beautiful book focuses on resourcefulness and individual style – it celebrates the importance of home to a creative bunch of australians!

004. I’ve been a fan of Anthology for a while – it’s always been clear that this magazine rocks! There were so many stories in this particular issue ( 15 ) that really resonated with me. They wrote about where I’m considering getting married, about a town that I really want to live in, and about one of the first creatives I met upon moving to the bay. It was as if they said hey: Lets make this issue for Emma. Keep up the good work ladies, because I’m coming back for more!



July 24, 2014


Hope you guys are having a killer week! Turns out vacation is awesome and it’s hard coming back to real life? Who would have guessed!? There were two things I loved most about being in Dream-Land-Mexico and away from my normal routine. 01 – I wasn’t sitting down in a chair all day. I was on my feet, running around, moving…!! My body was almost instantaneously happier. If only I could design a logo while exploring? 02. My head was so much more clear. I’m pretty ocd so when it’s time to work ( which is basically all the time ) my brain is on hyper-active / list-making / goal-achieving / self-improving / etc etc mode… I’ve only been back for a few days and I’m already exhausted again. Come on life…?? Mexico, where you at?


…some favs that helped get me back into the groove this morning!

01. Melissa Sonico – CA based writer
02. Stacy Longenecker – Founder of LEIF
03. Liz Gardner – Design Director for Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine
04. Justina Blakeney – Los Angeles based Designer, Author, and Mama

3 Things

July 09, 2014

OSC Smile_01 Smile_02

Three things that have made me happy as of late:

01. I recently wrapped up a branding project with one of the coolest shops around, Oakland Surf Club! We created a mark for the “mini” addition to their shop. They have an adorable display that houses tiny clothing for tiny people, aka: kiddos! All of the printed collateral is making it’s way into their hands so I stopped by to check it out, starting with these tiny little stickers. Ohhh so fun!

02. Every once in a while, when I am alone at my studio, I will go check out my mates corners to see what they are working on. They never fail to have all sorts of eye candy laying around for me to drool over. This week, it’s Cortney’s wall & her purple mini zines. Yum.

03. Oh and I got a new rug! I can’t decide if it will stay on the floor or be hung on the wall. You can hang rugs right? Either way, I sense a new addiction starting.


July 07, 2014


I noticed a pattern within my pins so I decided to exploit it a little bit today – plants!!! I’m finding that the longer I live in California, the more my love for them grows – and grows and grows… I plan to take a walk around my neighborhood soon to photograph my favorite yard landscapes and wild growths. This Oakland stroll left me craving more.

I also messed around with Colour Lovers for a bit this morning. I want to start being more intentional about saving palettes that get a reaction out of me. There is something very powerful about a really strong color combination. For me, things always seems to be a bit more harmonious and peaceful.

+ All images can be found on my Pinterest

Inks & Thread

June 12, 2014

I recently teamed up with Maggie Pate, the designer behind Inks + Thread, to play out a creative personal challenge! She sent me a handful of her pieces and let me run wild with them – literally :) My goal was to capture images that would exude the same feelings her beautiful scarves produce.

Maggie’s work in patterns and textiles is a “cross-section that explores the synthesis of textures, repetition, and geometry.” She believes that these things “carry mood and transcend feeling.” Working primarily with silk, cotton, and chiffon – the lightness of all her pieces is inevitable. They’re just dreamy you guys, dreamy. It wasn’t hard to draw inspiration from them.

01. Elizabeth Suzann Artist Smock | 02. Inks + Thread Scarves | 03. The Samantha Pleet Arc Boot

Ashley Batz and I decided to run around Berkeley. We strolled up and down one of my favorite streets past one of my favorite houses! The homes over there are just magical. They are tiny, colorful, and surrounded by beautiful plants – the perfect backdrop for this little “assignment”. I’ve been taking more walks lately, exploring different areas – each one makes me fall more and more in love with California… How can a 10 minute walk around the block be so inspiring?


June 05, 2014

Taking a break from my super non-productive morning …looking at all these pretty ladies and what they have going on is providing a major surge of inspiration! Not only do I feel energized creatively to work hard and achieve rad things but I also want to throw on a cute hat and go look at all the pretty flowers and cactus in my neighborhood, ha.

01. Faithlord – Photographer & Stylist
02. What KT Does – Brooklyn based Illustrator & Painter
03. Martina Thornhill – Ceramic Artist
04. Caramelas Vintage – Vintage Boutique Owner