Gentle-man: Kahana Kalama

February 04, 2014

Introducing Kahana Kalama – a surfer, designer, store owner, dad, and more!

…a bit about him:
“I was born and raised on Oahu and I made my way across the pacific to attend college. While there I found the girl of my dreams married her and we made a baby boy. His name’s Duke. He’s now ten months old and we have another girl on the way. I own a men’s lifestyle collection called Aloha Sunday and multi-brand retail store called Aloha Sunday Supply Company.”

“When I’m not hanging with the family or surfing back home in Hawaii, I’m between our Flagship in North Park and our 2nd location in Leucadia ( north county San Diego ). My design partner and I just debuted our AW14 collection in New York and we are currently shifting gears to designing our SS2015 collections. I’m also in the process of launching a small branding and design studio that will consult for other brands and small businesses in addition to Aloha Sunday.”

…and now, his favorite item & why:
“I’d have to say that my favorite item in this mix would be the Broken Homme Tydus Boot. They have an element of rugged durability matched with classic detailing that can easily be dressed up or down. The best thing of all is my good friends make them up in Los Angeles, CA.”

Photos by: @SuziJacobs

Kahana has kindly offered up some killer products from his shop! This includes a San Diego market bag ( that they made in conjunction with Apolis ), their beach mug and a plain old super comfy Sunday tee! You guys should go check out all their tees. I know they were designed with guys in mind but I kind of want like, all of them!

To Enter:
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01. Like @alohasunday on instagram
02. Leave a comment below, naming a product from the shop that you love!!

Gentle-man: Loop Haro

November 13, 2013

Introducing Loop Haro! We needed another Gentle-man around these parts and he definitely fits the bill – a fashionable, hard-working, innovative one at that. It’s inspiring to see someone successfully have their hands in so many pots. Go Loop!

“I own a few companies that help facilitate event production – mostly weddings, but also the occasional fashion or product launch. TACT was my first company in the family, born in 2007, helping manage all aspects of events at really sweet event venues (like SmogShoppe, Marvimon, and NWBLK. Then came Jeffrey Valet & Owl Valet in 2009. We redesigned valet to be about hospitality and style, not just parking. Then came Dovetail, an event logistics company tailored to serve the needs of event professionals (i.e. installation, transportation, and strikes for designers, florists, caterers, boutique rental companies, etc.) that led us to open offices in San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, and shortly, Minneapolis and Chicago. My thinking is that there are so many lost aspects of pulling off a smooth event, that we want the incredible designers and craftsmen we work with, both big and little, to be able to focus on their creative work, by letting my team handle the rest.”

…and now his favorite piece and why:
“The fave is my Steven Alan deep blue chambray shirt. By far. Know why? You can’t mess with chambray, man. We use it for our uniforms, and it has the thing every fellow wants in a shirt: the trusty options of tie or untucked. Go for it. Roll the sleeves- looks fresh. Pin on a tie clip- looks fresh. Steven Alan shirts just seem to fit in the shoulders really well, to boot.”

Thanks so much Loop!
Photo by: Feather Love

GENTLE-MAN: Jake Harrison

September 04, 2013

Introducing Jake Harrison of Studio Jake!

“I’m a bearded giant. I was born and raised in Idaho and spent a lot of my childhood scouring antique stores and flea markets with my mother. After a 6 year stint in NYC, my boyfriend and I relocated to Los Angeles and still fall in love with this city a little more everyday. I primarily work the world of interiors; as a stylist, designer, curator, merchant and merchandiser. As for interior design, I’m working on a small Silver Lake bungalow for a newly bachelored buddy of mine. I’m also getting ready to a debut a candle line and a small jewelry collection as well as an online store that will feature a mix of vintage finds as well as exclusive goods, made right here in California.”

…and now his favorite pieces & why:
“I’m torn! I’m obsessed with these stacking brass rings. They are modern yet timeless with a sense of playfulness which I enjoy. Also, my trusty Linus. I’m one of those rare Angelenos that doesn’t own a car, so it’s my main mode of transportation. There’s something incredibly magical about experiencing this city on two wheels.”

Check out his —> Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook
Photos by: Bethany Nauert

+ 2 years old!!

August 07, 2013

Guess what!?? As of today, the Lovely Lady / Gentle-man series has been around for two years!! I can’t tell you guys how happy I am that it has survived the ups & downs of my ever-changing creative career. I’ve done my very best to hunt down lots of inspiring folks for you guys to enjoy & get to know each week. You’d think that would be a challenge but honestly, there are so many amazing people out there – how on earth could I run out of individuals to invite?? As of today, there have been 92 ladies & gents featured! Woah. It is so inspiring to see the range of styles and careers that span across this group. I hope that introducing these people to you has somehow opened up new doors or taken you down a path that you wouldn’t have otherwise gone down – To me, that is a valuable & exciting trait/goal for a column to have!

I’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to be apart of this feature.
Cheers to past & future lovelies & gents. Lets keep it going!
You can see all of them —> here

I first heard of Oakland Surf Club via a write up on Kinfolk’s Journal a while back. Knowing that I would be living in the area soon enough, I made a mental note of it. The first time I visited, not only did I buy handful of cute trinkets but I fell in love with the owners and their new baby!

Oakland Surf Club is a retail space that features men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, natural beauty products, surfboards, and magazines. Upstairs from the retail space is their art gallery which features mainly local artists and also hosts live music performances. They hope to offer a space for people in the community to enjoy art and music, in addition to supplying fresh reading material or a well made shirt.

First up, the lady of the house, Ari:
“I’m a mama, wife and shop owner living in Oakland. The last couple years have been a whirlwind – I married my husband, opened a shop (while I was 9 months pregnant!) and had a beautiful baby girl named Coco. We live in Oakland with my whole family in a big fourplex (tons of people, dogs, chickens, ducks, and a giant tortoise) and their support has really allowed me to accomplish so much so quickly. I feel so lucky to be able to come to work each day with my husband and daughter. Sometimes things get crazy and it feels like we can never stop thinking about work, so I have been trying hard to just live in the moment (easier than it sounds) and really focus on one thing at a time. Babies are great at living in the moment, so I’ve been trying to take my cues from Coco.”

…and now her favorite piece and why:
“I probably wear this dress once a week, at least. My mom wore a lot of linen clothes when I was growing up, so I have all these memories of her in these cream linen pants and dresses and I feel like I am trying to make my closet look more like that. I want pieces that I can wear forever and that are really timeless. I am kind of addicted to linen – it is just the perfect fabric!”

The feature wouldn’t be complete without featuring tiny little CoCo – she is officially the 1st Lovely Baby!! I mean, how adorable is that Ace & Jig dress of hers?? I had never heard of that brand before – they have some great stuff.

…and now her Dad!!

Introducing Max:
“I live in East Oakland with my family (wife Ari + Baby Coco) and extended family (four generations) and extended extended family (dogs + chickens + ducks + cat + giant tortoise). Ari and I own and operate Oakland Surf Club together. Best job ever. I really like working with my wife and running a family business. We have been lucky to work with a lot of cool people so far, and are looking forward to releasing some collaborations with other shops and local artists this fall.”

…and how his favorite and why:
“This hat is probably my favorite hat I have ever owned. I love the fit with unstructured “polo”-style 6 panel hats. This one features imported Japanese fabric and a suede bill. Made in USA by ONLY NY.”

Photos by: Emmadime
You can see more beautiful photos of the space over here by Wes Sumner.

Gentle-man: Erik Prowell

July 17, 2013

Introducing Erik Prowell, the owner and designer of Bridge & Burn. I am a huge fan of this brand so I’m pretty excited to have him here on the blog today! Head on over and see what they’re all about.

Some words from him:
“I’m a tall drink of water that lives in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve been doing a clothing line called Bridge & Burn for about 4 years now and we just opened our flagship clothing store in downtown Portland, OR. Right now I’m working on enjoying the summer time while keeping up with all my new top secret projects.”

…and now his favorite piece and why:
“My favorite item is the Alda jacket. It was the first piece I designed for Bridge & Burn and I’ve done a variation of it almost every season. It’s classic and versatile.”

Check out their —> Tumblr | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Gentle-man: Dabito

June 26, 2013

Introducing Dabito of Old Brand New – Go read his blog asap guys. He explores everything from interiors & music to his daily personal experiences. Also, he’s got a pretty great Instagram too!

…and now, a few words from him:
I’m a graphic designer, photographer and a printmaker. Los Angeles, born and bred. I enjoy moving every year to get a good feel for all the different pockets of LA since LA is immense. Right now, I’m just working on my online shop, finding vintage goods, creating one of a kind prints and objects. I’m also collaborating with a jewelry designer to make a couple of fun, unisex pieces. Stay tuned!

…and now his favorite piece and why:
For me, it really comes down to shoes and accessories. These vintage Bally brogues offer comfort and style. Can’t go wrong with brogues ever. And the pyramid ring from All For The Mountain is my jewelry du jour.

You can see more Gentle-men here.
Photography by: Justina Blakeney


Introducing, Christian Sorensen Hansen. Do you guys remember Chantal last week? Well, he’s her boyfriend! What a killer couple huh??

Here’s a little bit about him: “I’m a director originally from Seattle, WA but currently residing in Los Angeles. I do a ton of music video and commercial work but right now I’m focusing on a series of short documentaries entitled Something From Nothing. The series features a group of Seattle artists working in a range of mediums who have inspired me over the years. I’m also happy to say I just launched a new website, something that was long overdue.”

…and now his favorite item and why:
“I’m constantly traveling so having functional and versatile clothing is key. Filson garments fit those requirements with a design that is hardly in need of revision over the last 100 years. The Shelter Cloth only gets better with age and the bucket pockets in the front are a catch-all for everything from rolls of film to left over sandwiches. My girlfriend even uses the internal ammo pouches to carry around her DSLR when she steals the coat from me.”

Photos by: Chantal Andrea

Gentle-man : Kyle Miller

February 13, 2013


Introducing Kyle Miller, graphic design extraordinaire! I found him through Dribbble and knew he would be the perfect Gentle-man. Not only is he a great designer but he’s damn stylish too. You can tell he’s the kind of creative that applies his skills to other areas of life – which in this case is his personal style.

Here’s a bit about him: “In May of 2012, I packed my bags and moved to Los Angeles with the single goal of creating my own agency. There became Kyle Miller Creative. I recently designed Grouper Social Club. They have been keeping me pretty busy. Other then that, I’m currently working on a t-shirt line for Ebbets Field Flannels!”

His thoughts on his look:
“A wide variety of materials are a must. I like to keep it pretty neutral but have at least one bold color whether it’s my pants, shirt or jacket. The pants are a size medium… how that works I have no idea but they are the best fitting pants I’ve ever owned. My lamb leather jacket is by Nudie Jean Co. It’s pretty much my go-to. I specifically picked it for this shoot because of its orange quilted silk liner that looks pretty awesome when nestled up next to my blue corduroy shirt by August Fifteenth. Keep your shoes fancy, always. I wore a hole in my last pair of Hudson’s and I’ll probably do the same to these wing tips.”

“When I moved to LA I was on a hunt to find the perfect leather jacket. My investment piece became this Lamb Leather jacket lined with orange quilted silk. It was unique and the most tailored leather jacket I’ve ever tried on. I didn’t care about the large price tag $$ at that point. If I have to, I can always use it to pay my rent!”


Gentle-man : John Kolar

January 02, 2013


Introducing —> John Kolar – an Austin based hair dresser and musician. He really digs cutting hair and plays the drums in a band called Sleep Good – as well as with other friends who are making great music in Austin!

…and now his favorite piece and why :
“I guess my favorite piece is my bandana – I’ve had it in my pocket for years.”


Photos By : Go Forth Creative


Gentle-man : Wade Koch

September 26, 2012

Introducing Wade Koch – the talented videographer behind the Presshaus LA studio tour that went up a few weeks ago!! He did such an amazing job that I felt compelled to invite him to be a Gentle-man!!

Here is his story : “I moved to LA six months ago from Iowa to chase my growing passion for film-making. I work for three commercial, photo and wedding companies: Shark Pig, Smilebooth and Our Labor of Love. I spend a lot of spare time writing script. I would love to write for film some day…But in the meantime I’m stoked about my life outside of the typical workforce, in which I’ve spent considerable time. For about ten years I thought I wanted to be a great musician…and I made some small accomplishments…but once I got my first camera, that passion pretty much left me, and I hardly touch my guitar anymore. In any case, it seems like my life/career seems to want to be centered around storytelling, so I try to be as versatile as possible. I’m still going through culture shock and adapting to the ways of LA (haircuts…lingo…traffic…attitude…) but I feel like I’m in the right place, and I’ll figure that stuff out eventually.”

…and now his favorite piece and why :
“None of them, really. I have yet to find a work outfit in which I totally feel like myself. I’m used to wearing a uniform to work…and now that I work for myself I need to get on top of my style. I think it has to do with making purchases that I really dig rather than what I think is ‘LA’. I guess it’s a process of building confidence…”


Gentle-man : Ed Roth

August 29, 2012

Introducing the handsome and creative Ed Roth – stencil maker extraordinaire!! The Brooklyn-based graphic designer founded Stencil1 in 2004. He has been praised by Martha Stewart, The New York Times, ReadyMade, and Country Living – to name a few! Stencil1 stencils can be used to paint walls, T-shirts, furniture—anything you want! Ed has done customized DIY events for clients such as Hugo Boss and The Gap. He also does large scale stencil installation work for the Ace Hotel NY and Benjamin Moore among others. He is currently promoting his new book Stencil Style 101 and partnering with companies to release new co-branded products such as t-shirts, pillows, plates, and other home textiles!

…and now his favorite piece and why :
“My favorite is well of course my t-shirt as I up-cycled an old American Apparel t-shirt to give it a new life!”