Introducing Erin Dollar – the owner, maker, and designer behind Cotton & Flax. Since 2010, she has been creating limited edition textile goods, as well as fine art prints on paper, from her home studio in Los Angeles, California! Check it out.

…a little bit from her:
“The Spring Collection for Cotton & Flax debuted a few weeks ago, which included a few new products (cocktail napkins! wool felt trivets! new pillow sizes!), as well as fresh new colors and patterns across the whole collection. I’m a big proponent of slow design – I don’t rush the design process, and each product I create for Cotton & Flax is developed over weeks and sometimes months of testing and experimenting to find just the right fabric and pattern design for each piece. This means I only release new pieces a few times a year, but the new products are always my absolute favorites. I’m excited to finally share these new pieces, and to start designing for more new products to debut in early Autumn.”

…and now her favorite piece & why:
“My favorite piece from the outfit: the jewelry! The necklace was made by my friend Kate, and I love everything she makes! I’ve really enjoyed watching her work evolve over the time I’ve known her. The eye ring was made by Kaye from Datter Industries, who I had the pleasure of meeting last year at Renegade Craft Fair. All her work is so fun and odd – I feel an instant camaraderie with other ladies who wear her jewelry, like we’re all members of a cool club of weirdos.”

Also, Erin was kind enough to offer up a set of cocktail napkins for one reader to win! They are perfect for having a lady-friend over for a drink or a special dinner with your significant other!! Printed by hand with eco-friendly ink, these napkins are a serious treat :)

To enter:
+ Follow Cotton & Flax on Instagram
+ Leave a comment below mentioning your favorite item in her shop!

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Photos by: Laure Joliet

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Introducing Jen & Laura of Ascot and Hart! Born from friendship and a love for fashion, their killer online retail shop is a joy to follow! These two are a seriously stylish duo, challenging me to UP my wardrobe-game constantly! I recently received these Payton suede booties, OMG! and when this tee is back in stock, it’s all mine!!

…a little bit about them:
Jen lives in Dallas with her family and Laura lives in Long Beach with hers. We launched Ascot + Hart at the end of November 2013! It has been the most challenging but rewarding job! We love seeing people wear our tees or something they found on our site. We fly back and forth every 5-6 weeks to meet up with each other or go somewhere together to brainstorm! we just got back from Sayulita Mexico and we are totally inspired. Right now we are mapping out the year for ascot + hart. We have some collaborations in the works and new things we are designing for the shop. We both gravitate towards anything creative, whether its fashion related or not!”

…and now their favorite pieces & why:
“Our vintage Levis 501 cutoffs are our favorite. We live in them! We dress them up and dress them down and basically find a way to incorporate them into every outfit. They are definitely our go to piece when warm weather is around.”

Thanks girls!!
Check out their: Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

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Introducing Tara Hurst – a woman of many talents! When we first connected through email, she suggested that we do a “feature-swap”, where we interview each other for our blogs!! Since I’m completely in love with her series: Creative Q&A, I happily agreed. You can read mine here!

…a little bit about her:
“I work as a designer on beautiful Vancouver Island. When I first came to the island I had no intention of staying and tried on a few other cities (Berlin and Vancouver) before returning to Victoria three years ago. After receiving a grant to work on a gallery project, I started working with creative companies, designers and photographers and soon found that working for myself was possible. I was amazed. That was more than two years ago now. Today I have clients all over North America, most of whom are incredibly talented women that I’m fortunate to collaborate with. Presently, I’m working on branding projects for a jewelry company and a textile designer, as well as launching a blog for a new magazine and two online stores this month. I’m looking forward to an upcoming trip to Nashville to help with a Kinfolk dinner. Outside of my work, I love morning beach walks with my chocolate lab Zadie, the combination of strong black coffee and a good book in the sunshine, cooking for my friends and taking photographs of flowers.”

…and now her favorite piece and why:
“My Nana is always knitting beautiful sweaters for my sister and I. Most recently, she completed this stunning Brooklyn Tweed pattern. She posts each sweater to me, wrapped in brown paper with a little note. Every time I wear one of her sweaters I think about where my own creativity stems and how much love and time goes into all of her knitting.”

Thanks Tara!!
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Photos by Amie Enns

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Introducing Jeanne Chan of lifestyle and shopping blog Shop Sweet Things. She has an incredible eye for all things fresh and trendy – so it didn’t surprise me that her photos for this feature were so adorable! …and her new workspace is to die for!

…a little bit about her:
“My blog is where I share my passion in discovering simple luxuries in fashion, home, & kids. I’m also a mommy to 2 adorable girls, happily married to my husband, & have been calling San Francisco my home for over 25+ years. I was born & raised in Hong Kong & miss it dearly. It’s probably where the shopper in me came from!”

“The blog itself keeps me being pretty creative right now. I’m constantly thinking of new content and also finding a fresh approach to share it. I’m also exploring another business opportunity right now that involves creating products. It’s in the early planning stage so I can’t talk about it too much. But I am super excited and it will be such a milestone for me when it launches!”

…and now her favorite piece & why:
“Oh boy, it’s a toss up between my Vince leather top and my Dieppa Restrepo shoes. I can’t get enough of leather and gold right now. These two elements sounds so decadent together, but the simple design on these two pieces makes it so easy to wear. And they actually make great transitional pieces from winter to spring.”

Thank you Jeanne!!
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Introducing Shauna Haider – a creative director, graphic designer and blogger living in Portland, Oregon! I first met Shauna 2 years ago at a retreat in Palm Springs called Designer Vaca. Since then, she has continued to be an inspiration in all that she does! This week, we have a double-wammy of Shauna love – as she is featured on Bre’s Creative Diaries as well +

…a little bit about her:
“I spend my days creating branding, web and print-based solutions for small businesses at my boutique design studio, Branch. After many years of freelancing and working at agencies, I launched Branch in September 2013 and it’s been incredibly fulfilling to work with a roster of clients I truly believe in. I also co-own a blogging workshop, The Blogcademy with two friends and we travel the world teaching women the strategy behind blogging. We’re gearing up to kick off 11 new dates in May! When I’m not designing, I’m sharing design and style insights on the lifestyle blog I started in 2007, Nubby Twiglet. My life these days is very full but I’m lucky that for the most part, it revolves around my favorite things: designing, teaching and blogging.”

…and now her favorite piece and why:
“I love this skirt because it’s the most perfect shade of Crayola crayon green, my favorite color ever since I was a child.”

Thanks so much Shauna!
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Introducing Kate Harmer of Hum Creative – I’ve been recruiting her for this feature since it started so I can’t tell you how happy I am to see her pretty face ( alongside her incredible dog ) here today! She’s been working as an illustrator and designer for over 10 years, producing some really great work – one of my recent favorites being The Rhoads promo. I got my hands on a printed copy and was very very impressed! Drooling, in fact.

…a little bit about her:
“I’m the Founder & Creative Director of Hum Creative, a design studio based in Seattle. Running Hum brings me so much joy and satisfaction, but is also the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Every morning presents a bunch of new learning experiences, and every night I am overwhelmingly proud of, and grateful for, the Hum team. My husband and I are obsessed with our two french bulldogs, Etta and Margaux. They definitely run the house, as well as the Hum office — we all work to a constant soundtrack of various adorable (and not so adorable) dog sounds.”

…and now her favorite piece & why:
“My studio did some branding for Jennifer Meyer, who is an amazing jewelry designer. I bought these cute little heart studs that she designed to celebrate when we completed the project. This Christmas, my husband gave me a single “N” initial stud (his name is Nick). I loved it so much that I pierced a new hole in my ear so that I could wear it every day! The combo of the two earrings feels really special to me — together they celebrate the best of my work and home life.”

Thanks Kate!
Check out her: Instagram | Facebook | Dribbble
Photos by: Carina Skrobecki

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Introducing Tekla Severin – the color queen!! I found her on Instagram and never looked back. She has an insane eye for color, shapes, & texture… See some of my favorite pulls below :) This recent yellow banana one kills me! I think her nails are even yellow? ha.

A little bit form :
“I have lived in Stockholm for 10 years, working full time as an interior architect at Jordens Arkitekter. It’s a rather small architectural office with many exciting projects! Right know, I´m working on both office spaces and private home renovation projects. Outside of work, I have so many fun projects going on – actually much thanks to instagram! This spring, I am participating in a exhibition with 10 other Stockholm based architects, designers, & illustrators. I´m also excited to be doing a work collab with a rather big international shoe company.”

“Looking Forward, I’m going to Milan during the annual international furniture/design week in April for inspiration, spring sun, and too many aperitivo with dear friends/colleagues. In General, I want to travel more, see more, discover more colors ( i´m a color addict ), meet great people and do fun collabs. My main vacation plan for this summer is to plan a trip to Seattle, Portland, San Fransisco, and LA -yey!!”

…and now her favorite piece & why:
“The sweater, I love this powder pink color and the feeling to be embedded in this warm softness these cold winter days”

Safe travels +

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Lovely Lady – Lisa Hackwith

February 26, 2014

Introducing… the seriously talented Lisa Hackwith of Hackwith Design House. I first found Lisa through Instagram but quickly started spotting her all over the web!! Her designs are simply breathtaking and completely deserving of all the recognition they get! She has her way with silhouettes – let me tell ya. I plan to invest in one of her pieces this year – I just haven’t decided which one! Her jumpers are pretty perfect.

…a bit from her:
“I own Hackwith Design House, a small clothing company based out of Minneapolis that specializes in making small limited edition runs of clothing. Because I release new items every week, I am constantly designing – which I love because I never get bored and I’m always working on a new project. I also work with boutiques to create a collaborative piece for them that represents both Hackwith Design House and their own style. I love the challenge of coming up with something that’s equally mine and theirs and arriving at a design that I would never have arrived at myself.”

…and now her favorite piece and why:
“My favorite piece is the Hackwith Design House Dusk Kimono because even though I made it only a moth ago, I’ve already worn it a half dozen times. I love that it is a more simple shape that’s super easy wear but it has all these details like the double stitched line around the bottom of the kimono, the slight v shape that appears at the back of the neck, and the fun side slits that are open when you move – all the the little details are what makes a piece a favorite for me!”

Check out her: Instagram | Blog
Photos by: Canary Grey Photography

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Lovely Lady – Amy Tremper

February 19, 2014

Introducing Amy Tremper of Stitch and Hammer!

…a bit from her: “I recently moved back to Colorado from Oakland, CA and have since delved into a handful of projects. One of my main projects is Stitch & Hammer, a handmade accessories line I launched in 2011. I am also working on the Colorado Makers, an endeavor I co-founded with my husband Ben. The project highlights the efforts of artists, craft makers, small business and entrepreneurs here in the state of Colorado through in-depth photo and written storytelling. Furthermore, the site promotes the ongoing events we plan including, harvest parties, craft markets, happy hours and factory tours. Our website will be launching in the next couple of weeks and can’t wait to share it with everyone. In addition to Stitch & Hammer and Colorado Makers, I am a freelance designer and work on both branding and interaction design projects.”

“When I am not working, you can most likely find me out on the trail. I love to spend time in nature hiking, biking, camping, cooking outside, and fly fishing. I am very much inspired by my landscape and one of the main reasons for returning to Colorado was the mountains. Anyone who knows me well can attest to my love of the Rocky Mountain West.”

…and now her favorite item and why:
“I grew up in the high desert town of Santa Fe, and my style is mainly informed by the western visual culture of the Southwest. I love denim and cowboy boots. And, I love my hat from Ranchlands mercantile. Can I choose three?”

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Photos by: Ali Vagnini

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Lovely Lady – Bri Scarff

February 11, 2014

Introducing Bri Scarff – A lot of you may know her via me gushing about how cute she is on Instagram ( like here & here ) but I swear she does other things besides inspire me to be cuter & do cool things like skateboard. She is a talented freelance graphic designer and the star of countless animated GIFs ← She’s in like 90% of those :) wink*

Bri is: “Currently designing patterns for a line of new mens shirts at Marine Layer here in San Francisco. Up next: Art direction + shooting a film for the San Francisco based company, Farmgirl Flowers – a business that focuses on sustainable flowers – burlap-wrapped bouquets delivered on bike and moped! I’m also excited to soon get into some crafts: Can the internet teach me to cross-stitch?”

…and now her favorite piece & why:
“I love these high tops so much that I had them re-soled when the bottoms busted thru. Gotta make them last!” ( This is Emma speaking now: I’m going to throw this in here – she lined the bottom of her skate deck with vintage floral wallpaper – that’s MY favorite piece and you know I don’t need to explain why – so awesome… )

Check out her: Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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