Go Stamp + Go!

March 13, 2014

Cheers to the 5th traveling stamp participant — Adrienne Antonson of STATE. Do y’all remember her Lovely Lady feature? It’s one of my favs, to this day. SO…. Can you even believe how hard she knocked this project out of the park? I literally screamed when I got the images!!

Her thoughts:
“As a life long pen-pal, I love anything that comes in the mail! And mail that you can make things out of — even better! Emma’s traveling stamp project had me at hello and I could not wait for it to arrive in my mailbox. Being the first East coast recipient of the traveling stamp, I knew we had to do something big. So making an entire stamped outfit seemed like a no-brainer. The whole STATE team got involved and shared in the messy fun. We made stamped linen pants, a smock, and a silk head scarf. And honestly, we could have kept stamping for days.”

“As a professional maker, it’s easy to get in a creative rut. So to have a project that was purely for fun was such a welcome change. It was inspiring to think of all the ladies before us who used the stamp, and we were thrilled to be continuing the chain. I’m excited to see where the little stamp goes next and what it makes!”

Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram & Twitter with the hashtag #travelingstamp. We are documenting the mailing, making, and finished products for your Enjoyment, wink*

PLUS >> !!! We loved the stamped smock so much, we’ve added it to the STATE online shop. There is only the ONE available ( update: SOLD OUT ) so make sure to snag it quick if you’re interested. I have a red STATE smock & am obsessed. It’s the perfect layering piece that goes with just about anything.

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Icon Fun

December 08, 2013

So I am hoping that more than just designers get excited about this! Bloggers use Photoshop & Illustrator too right? Look at how fun these icons are? Designer, Alexander Schultz, created these last year and made them available for a free download. I had no idea that you could replace the icons in your dock to whatever you’d like. This was the tutorial I used to learn how. I might turn this into a fun personal project and design some of my own. Enjoy!

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I Love Type

November 14, 2013

I’m blogging over at Need Supply again this week! If you like typography, books, and bright colors – you should go check out the post! It’s about a series I found a while back called I Love Type. Simply put, I truly enjoy them – from the content to the production of the book – it’s all gold.

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Go Stamp Go +

November 04, 2013

Cheers to the 4th Traveling Stamp participant — Jessica Comingore!! She has completed her choice of medium: A 100% Cotton Scarf. I was so excited to see some color brought into the project – and what a color!! It adds such a nice pop to such a bold pattern. With Fall in full swing, a scarf was the perfect idea for the Traveling Stamp. Bravo Jessica!!

Her thoughts:
“When Emma asked if I’d like to be a part of the Traveling Stamp project earlier this summer, I replied with a resounding yes. It’s not often that I DIY (read: never) but thought it would be a fun opportunity to get my hands dirty and create something away from the computer for a change. Turns out it was a load of fun and made me ask myself why I don’t DIY more often!”

“In brainstorming for the project, I tossed around a few ideas but landed on a scarf as its recently been my go-to for adding a little punch to a neutral outfit. And while I tend to be a black and white kind of gal, I’ve got an affinity for tomato red and thought it would be fun to see the pattern in color. After several hours of dirty hands and paint splatters on wood floors, the scarf was complete. I love the abstract pattern and imperfections you get when hand stamping… a true labor of love. Can’t wait to see where it travels to next (and a big thanks to Victoria for being my scarf model).”

Next up, we plan to send it to the East Coast!! Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram & Twitter with the hashtag #travelingstamp. You can see all of the projects involving the stamp here.

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Designer Vaca

October 14, 2013

I thought it was time I shared a little bit about my trip a few weekends ago to Palm Springs. Better late than never eh? I made the 7 hour drive down to the desert to attend Designer Vaca, a retreat for female graphic designers + creative entrepreneurs. This was the second year it took place, bringing in over 50 talented and driven women. We soaked up each others knowledge poolside at the Ace Hotel. Too perfect.

Above is a mural that was painted by artist, Erin Garcia. I love the colors and abstract shapes. It was definitely the most photographed spot all weekend. Last year, the wall had colorful paint dripping down from the rooftop. It’s a treat having something new in place every time I visit.

Each day we were there, we had plenty of free time ( duh ) but we also had scheduled panels that covered a wide range of topics. My panel was made up of me, Megan Gilger, Eva Black, & Shauna Haider. I was able to meet them in person last year, at the first Designer Vaca, so it was a very comfortable and fun discussion for me. They are wonderful human beings that inspire on a daily basis. I felt lucky to be sitting next to them.

Some of the topics included:
+ Marketing & Personal Branding ( that was mine! )
+ The Creative Process & Client Management
+ Alternative Careers in Design
+ Navigating the Work / Life balance

Pretty good stuff right? Honestly, I wish I had someone to chat about these things with every week!! …and that I didn’t have to wait for my yearly Designer Vaca fix to get it out of my system. As a freelancer, I 100% realize that I will always be growing, changing, and learning. A huge part of that process is interacting with my peers ( online and in person ) and working through it all together. NOT alone!! It’s easy to forget this when you ARE essentially alone in your work everyday. I go to my studio and only interact with myself, my computer, and the guy who makes me coffee at Blue Bottle occasionally. I am definitely going to be more proactive about finding a community here in the bay area that I connect with. Cheers to that!

Below are some of my favorite photos of the property and the goodies I brought along with me on the trip. I had to rock my new panama hat from Cuyana – it was handwoven in Ecuador with 100% Toquilla Straw. Then there was my Nine Space beach towel that stole the show this summer – how great are those colors and shapes?? …and last but not least, my red Havana Striped Tote – it’s the perfect poolside companion.

To close – I love the desert and can’t wait until next year! p.s. I took that stick home with me and found a great spot for it. There were like 20 more things that I wanted to scavenge and take back with me but we didn’t have room in the car. Bummer +

See ya! …and come to Designer Vaca next year.
Get on the mailing list if you’re interest. For real.

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Ro and Co

October 07, 2013

I finally had the chance to dive into Ro&Co’s portfolio. Needless to say, it is wonderful. I was really inspired but this project for Loeffler Randall, a New York based footwear company. The collage-style layering and colors are spot on. Plus that handwriting below is divine.

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This Is Paper

September 30, 2013

Who doesn’t love a well-designed, well-curated, printed magazine to flip through?? This Is Paper has finished their Inaugural Issue and is asking for support as they gather pre-orders for their first round of printing. My order is in place & I wish them the best of luck! Check out these images and their site to see if it’s something you’d be interested in supporting.

“It is a book-like, collectible volume featuring gripping, in-depth conversations with some of the most forward thinking and inspiring designers today. While meticulously collecting content for the Inaugural Issue, we have visited and photographed some of the designers’ studios to best understand the environment that shapes their design process. Others have shared the underlying concepts and philosophy behind their most distinguished works.” -This Is Paper

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September 12, 2013

“This week’s font, Bariol, is another Behance find. The typeface has a whole showcase site where you can see all of the styles and download two for free ( pay for with tweets ). I recommend checking out the site to see the complimentary icon collection. Bariol seemed like the perfect music poster font, so I paired it with one of my favorite bands this year – First Aid Kit. Check out my favorite song, Emmylou, to hear the sweet harmonies of this swedish duo.” -Loren Crosier

Font: Bariol
Number of styles: 8
Classification: Sans Serif
Designer: Atipo
Get it: here

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September 05, 2013

“I’ve been finding a lot of prime, free fonts on Behance these days. Just type “free font” into the search criteria and see what happens. It’s great because the designers usually present each font in a unique and interesting way. They also usually only offer one or two weights of each font for free, but hey, that is something! This week’s font, Dense, comes in a regular weight. I like using a “dense” typeface like this for clean infographics and titles.” -Loren Crosier

Font: Dense
Number of styles: 1
Classification: Sans Serif
Designer: Charles Daoud
Get it: here

Photo by: Tadashi Kawamata

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Recent Designs +

September 03, 2013

I recently finished working on a new logo for California based photographer, Paige Jones. I can’t tell you how excited I am over the final artwork. It’s definitely the most intricate & busy logo I’ve ever designed. There are so many aspects of the final solution that I love but I think in the end, my favorite detail is the fact that we kept it black & white. We played around with color palettes and don’t get me wrong, they looked great, but it was a bit too much going on. Keeping it colorless allowed the details to shine. It also created a very strong and bold vibe that pairs well with Paige’s personality and business!

Hope you like!

Check out her —> Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook

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