3 Cheers! for Denim

August 25, 2013

This weeks round-up was inspired by a recent conversation involving the topic of RAW denim & how people will go ages without washing them. It’s what you’re actually supposed to do – I had no idea! How did I not know this? Oh right, I don’t own any raw denim. ALL of my jeans have stretch in them. I am officially going to hunt down a pair that I can never wash and grow old with. Check out this laundry list ( no pun intended ) of how long people have gone without washing their denim!! Love it.

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September 8th 2013

I love this collection of denim pieces! My boyfriend is a denim genius and raw selvage denim devotee, he introduced me to the whole world of raw denim, which was completely unknown to me before! We love US brand Baldwin Denim for men’s and women’s jeans (I have the EJ fit in raw and they rock).