Welcome to my studio – it’s 395 glorious square feet of windows, light, wood, & plants! This little corner of mine, located in Jack London Square, has become such a special place for me. It’s taken me a while to get it up + running & ready to show off so it’s my pleasure to finally be able to walk you guys through it. Rue Magazine featured the space on their blog today and asked me a handful of questions. I’ll be sharing a few of those with you, alongside some of my favorite pictures and product details!

+ Photos by Eva Kolenko
+ Collaboration with Euro Style Lighting

And to accompany this post – I am so excited to share a project ( video below ) that me and my friend, Wade, worked on together! You guys know Wade – he has done a few Lovely Lady videos for me :) He’s got serious talent! The video is a little “day in the life series” of a graphic designer. Things I do on the daily: Get dressed, ride my bike to work, coffee… you get the idea! Enjoy.

For the full interview, head on over to Rue.

It’s every creative’s dream to rent and decorate an inspiring space to work in but can be a big financial step. Tell us, how did you know you were ready to make the plunge?

“Last year I lived in Los Angeles, where I shared a space with an inspiring group of young creative entrepreneurs. It was the first time I had an office, let alone office-mates! It was a good match for me financially because we had a decent amount of people in there, splitting the bill in a reasonable way. It was a great opportunity for me to take the next step up in my work environment and still not break the bank. When I moved to the bay area, I knew that I couldn’t go back to working from home. I was hooked on leaving the house, being surround by business savvy peers, and having a separate work-zone that’s dedicated to just that.The big challenge was finding something as affordable as my place in Los Angeles. I was very new to the bay so I didn’t have a nice rolodex of friends to contact about sharing a space with, it was just me. I basically started searching in hopes that I would luck out? And guess what, I did!! It’s in an old building in Jack London Square, a warehouse district on the waterfront of Oakland. There’s great light, unique old details, nice people, and it’s in a really great location.”

It looks like your office is in a charming building!
Tell us how you went about finding the perfect place!

“Yes, it’s wonderful. It’s owned by this mysterious Italian family that hasn’t raised the rent in like 20 something years. It’s full of all kinds of different people – artist, tenants, transients… For me, the selling point was all of the old unique details that the building had. I did one walk through and knew it would be a special place to come everyday. In my experience, finding something like this is vary rare – I’m not sure how it hadn’t been snatched up. Luck I guess. My favorite aspect is the huge industrial elevator you can take to the top floors. It’s got this wooden gate that clanks down really loud and you just push a simple red button to go up or down! It makes me feel like I’m in an episode of Boardwalk Empire or something.”

What were the design goals and aims for your office space?

“All of a sudden I had 395 square feet of office all to myself! I was used to one little desk in one little corner so the amount of space and freedom I had was a bit overwhelming. My main goals were to leave it open and spacious for projects and photo-shoots but keep it welcoming and comfortable for meetings and designing at my desk. I’m feeling pretty good about where it sits right now.”

Your favorite part about your office?

“The light – literally 75% of my corner is covered in huge windows! It’s so nice to be welcomed by such gorgeous light when I walk in every morning. It keeps me awake, warm, and happy!”

+ Product credits: Staghorn Plant | Wire Storage Bin | Draper Lounge Chairs from Zuo | Wooden Flower Coasters | Frosted White Coffee Table | Abstract Journal | Typhoon White Metal Desk | Ikat Pillow | Leather Jamie Young Ottoman | Hardshell Modern Desk Chairs