Cheers to the 4th Traveling Stamp participant — Jessica Comingore!! She has completed her choice of medium: A 100% Cotton Scarf. I was so excited to see some color brought into the project – and what a color!! It adds such a nice pop to such a bold pattern. With Fall in full swing, a scarf was the perfect idea for the Traveling Stamp. Bravo Jessica!!

Her thoughts:
“When Emma asked if I’d like to be a part of the Traveling Stamp project earlier this summer, I replied with a resounding yes. It’s not often that I DIY (read: never) but thought it would be a fun opportunity to get my hands dirty and create something away from the computer for a change. Turns out it was a load of fun and made me ask myself why I don’t DIY more often!”

“In brainstorming for the project, I tossed around a few ideas but landed on a scarf as its recently been my go-to for adding a little punch to a neutral outfit. And while I tend to be a black and white kind of gal, I’ve got an affinity for tomato red and thought it would be fun to see the pattern in color. After several hours of dirty hands and paint splatters on wood floors, the scarf was complete. I love the abstract pattern and imperfections you get when hand stamping… a true labor of love. Can’t wait to see where it travels to next (and a big thanks to Victoria for being my scarf model).”

Next up, we plan to send it to the East Coast!! Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram & Twitter with the hashtag #travelingstamp. You can see all of the projects involving the stamp here.