Three things that have made me happy as of late:

01. I finally bit the bullet and decided on a rug. Our living room is pretty small so whatever I chose would be a pretty dominant aspect of the room. What color palette did I want? ( …you know me and committing to color, this was probably the toughest aspect of the decision ) What style am I into most? Oriental / Turkish? So many options… I’m not sure what it is exactly that drew me to this one but it felt SO RIGHT. I am 100% in love. Decision made!!!

02. Ah I took a selfie!! But I had to – I wanted to show you guys what I basically wear everyday all-day. ( …and I had just received a Chanel makeover so I felt extra fancy ) Every single thing that I have on in this outfit is a favorite of mine. ( p.s. please ignore the junk in the photo – we’re STILL unpacking. Yes, still. )

03. My desk as of late – Flowers, treats, pix, and most importantly: my bottle of water that is glued to my side. I have always been so bad at drinking water – trying to work on my horrible unhealthy habits.

Be dafe.