Now don’t get too excited! This isn’t an official tour or anything. Last week, my studio mate & I decided to christen the place by throwing a little get-together. We invited some Bay Area creatives to come have drinks & just hang out. It felt really good to have people finally enjoying it with me! I have been taking my sweet time fixing the place up – probably too much time – so this little get-together was exactly what I needed to kick it into gear and stop dragging my feet. I still want to do a tiny bit of painting and… shopping but I am almost there!! I thought I would show you guys a few of my favorite corners.

That gorgeous turquoise glass vase is definitely stealing the show right now – being surrounded by so many neutrals, it seriously pops!! Sadly, the flowers didn’t survive the weekend. I accidentally left them in a hot sun spot and they got fried! oops.

That morning, I got my seamless in the mail so I set it up and had a celebratory dance + drink!! I have this huge empty wall that needed something special so I decided to invest in something I have wanted for a very long time. The other part of the wall has turned into my massive inspiration-board that will eventually be 100% covered ( …or at least that’s the goal ).

And last but not least, my favorite corner. It’s got cinder blocks, new plants, and that awesome circular crate that I found in my basement. Yes, it was covered in dirt and dust in a sad lonely basement. Thank goodness I was around to rescue it. I just wiped it off and hung it up. I didn’t repaint it or anything because it has such a great worn down texture. It’s perfect as is :)

That’s all for now.
Stay tuned for more soon!!