Introducing Olivia Rae James – She is a photographer living on the little peninsula of Charleston, SC with her man & their new pup, Frankie! ( …so adorable right?? ) I truly love everything she snaps as well as her dainty + soft logo. She’s got it going on.

…A little bit about her –
“I’ve been in the freelance world full-time for just over a year and I couldn’t be happier. I love managing my own time, being able to travel, and feeling in direct control of my success. There are always going to be ups and downs, but that’s what makes it both exciting and rewarding. Charleston is a magical place to live — you can walk or ride bikes everywhere and in the springtime, the whole city smells like jasmine. The slower pace here encourages a balance between work life and personal life — I love that you can be ambitious and successful but still make time for family, friends, health, and happiness. I live just a few blocks from the water, so I try to step away from my computer and watch the sun go down as often as possible.”

…and now her favorite piece & why –
“My Moroccan henna lip stain. It’s the perfect shade of pink and it lasts all day (plus it’s super cheap). I’m also in love with my antique black cameo ring. It was a gift from my parents and being from the late 1800s, I like to imagine all the different people who have worn it over the years.”

Thanks Olivia – !!
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