Three thingz that made me happy this past week:
…and one thing that made me sad:

01. I had the chance to go to a magical place called Indian Springs with some friends. We were celebrating a birthday so there were massages, mud-baths, and lots of champagne! It was one of those special days that left me feeling very balanced, re-set, and lucky to have experienced. The interesting part about this day was that it rained the whole entire time. You’d think this would have put a major damper on a day that revolved around the pool, but the cool misty rain paired with the heated mineral-water pool was the perfect combo!! I definitely have plans to revisit this place.

02. So I moved again – ha. I feel like it’s not even a big deal anymore because it happens so often now. I have officially moved 4 times in the past two years! what!?? I didn’t go very far this time though – the move was from a temporary home in Berkeley to an apartment in Oakland. I definitely plan to stay here as long as I can stand it. I took the time to explore a bit of my new neighborhood and came across this awesome shop, Esqueleto. It’s main focus is handmade jewelry but there are a handful of other amazing trinkets as well. I was swooning over these wall-hangings. I want one SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!

03. Now here is the happy AND sad part. Although I had a lot of fun taking pictures in my new dress at the Cactus Jungle – the rest of the afternoon took a down-turn. I actually got in a really bad car accident that left me feeling very…. life-is-fragile-oh-my-gosh-how-did-I-not-get-hurt??? In the end, I am 100% okay ( …a bit shook up of coarse but no major injuries ), my car is gone ( hello bicycle ), and I’m thankful to be sitting here drinking my coffee on this lovely monday morning. I have to say, being in a car while it’s spinning out at 65 mph is a pretty powerful feeling. I truly FELT the fragility of life and how powerless we can be in strong situations. I will be forever changed from that experience. So, I’ll end with – Cheers to this beautiful summer & to everyones health & safety!! BE SAFE! ( …especially with the 4th coming up, okay? ) xoxo.