Introducing Aly Two Eagles ( yes… coolest name ever! ) The owner of Denver based store, Ironwood. I had the opportunity to visit the store not too long ago and wanted to buy everything. Literally, everything. The girl sure does now how to curate and style products! It’s a special place.

Some words from her:
“I was born and raised in Denver. Two years ago my boyfriend and I decided to open a little retail space in a moment of creative desperation. I was ready to stop waiting tables and he and I both wanted to make our lives bigger, if that makes any sense. So we decided to create a space where we could support ourselves by selling things we love, and also have a place where we could host various community events, from art openings to live music. So far, we have been so lucky and the space is working. At this point, two years in, he and I are both starting to feel like it is time for the space to “grow up” a little bit. Move from adolescence into adulthood, if you will. We are planning some major interior design moves, as well as searching for new products. We also both are very interested in exploring designing some of our own products, from ceramics to lighting.”

…and now her favorite piece & why:
“My favorite piece is the polka dot dress. It is completely falling apart and literally held together with safety pins (like almost everything i own) but it is so comfortable and I always get loads of complements on it.”