I decided to take over this week, as I haven’t done one in a while. I also wanted to put a small twist on the usual free aspect of this column. This week’s font is NOT FREE – but before you aww-man and dang-it all over the place, hear me out.

I have really enjoyed continuously putting these posts out there for you guys to pull from. It has also been a priority for me to keep them free so that everyone has access to them, no matter what your budget or financial standing is. BUT I wanted to take today to say: yes, there are awesome free fonts but there are also even BETTER ones that cost a pretty penny. I had a hard time buying fonts for a long time because they have always been this thing that is readily available and just kind of… there!! but then I learned more about what goes into designing a GOOD font and decided it was worth it ( we studied this where I went to college but not in great detail so it took me some extra time to feel this way ). Talented people put time and energy into perfecting them – so why wouldn’t we be expected to buy them?? and don’t worry – this column will continue to showcase free fonts only, promise. Unless you don’t mind seeing one with a price-tag every once in a while??

This font, Buttermilk, was design by Jessica Hische, a well-known letterer & illustrator. One of my favorite projects that she did was her Daily Drop Caps – She illustrated a decorative letter every day for 12 alphabets. She also created the film titles for Wes Anderson’s film, Moonrise Kingdom. Pretty cool huh?

Font: Buttermilk
Number of styles: 1
Classification: Display Script
Designer: Jessica Hische
Get it: Here