Introducing Dabito of Old Brand New – Go read his blog asap guys. He explores everything from interiors & music to his daily personal experiences. Also, he’s got a pretty great Instagram too!

…and now, a few words from him:
I’m a graphic designer, photographer and a printmaker. Los Angeles, born and bred. I enjoy moving every year to get a good feel for all the different pockets of LA since LA is immense. Right now, I’m just working on my online shop, finding vintage goods, creating one of a kind prints and objects. I’m also collaborating with a jewelry designer to make a couple of fun, unisex pieces. Stay tuned!

…and now his favorite piece and why:
For me, it really comes down to shoes and accessories. These vintage Bally brogues offer comfort and style. Can’t go wrong with brogues ever. And the pyramid ring from All For The Mountain is my jewelry du jour.

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Photography by: Justina Blakeney