I don’t even know how to begin this post – I have been looking forward to writing it for so long that I am drawing a bit of an anxious blank! I’ve had to keep this experience a secret through all of it’s up and downs and now I finally get to share what it is! I know I have been teasing and talking about this “secret” for way too long so thanks for sticking with me as I am sure your patience has run pretty thin, ha! I leaked a few photos a while back about it here but wasn’t able to tell you much. I mentioned that it had to do with knitting but that was about it – Some of you guessed that I was re-opening my old online shop and some thought I was starting a line of clothing! Close, but no cigar! Well, I guess i’ll just spit it out… Okay… Cough… Drumroll… 1,2,3… I… wrote a knitting book!! 

Chronicle Books reached out to me a little over a year ago about working together. I was very familiar with their books and was incredibly flattered about being contacted. My editor, Lisa Tauber, had come across this look-book ( that I had made for fun with a few of my friends ) and proposed that we take the same feel & style but turn it into something bigger – a how-to knitting book! …and that we did!

Chronicle describes the finished product as this:
“Fashion-forward knitters who crave more than a project book will delight in this visually rich collection. Emma Robertson presents a unique and creative approach to knitting as she walks readers through her process from the kernel of inspiration to its rewarding execution. For each of the 15 stylish projects, Robertson presents hand-drawn sketches, eye candy–laden mood boards, and Polaroids of the objects that inspired her—and encourages knitters to think outside of the yarn box by incorporating other materials into their wares, from a knitted vest with a leather pocket to a breezy tank with a dip-dyed finish. With page after page of stunning photography, this book will motivate knitters to look around them, cull inspiration, and design their own fabulous looks.”

…I couldn’t have described it better myself!



I was able to work with such an incredible group of people on this project and 100% admit that the book would not be as beautiful as it is if it weren’t for them. To get you excited about seeing everything, let me fill you in on who was involved – because it’s a pretty killer team. Max Wanger was the photographer | The models were: Melanie Ayer, Kate Miss, Jen Coleman, Beth Poploskie, and Kristine Claghorn | The styling was done by Ali Brislin | and Hair & Makeup was done by Kelly Shew. There were many other people involved in the overall project but this was the direct group of people who made the photo-shoot come to life!



So what now? I anxiously await to get the first copy on my front door step. I am going to rip that box open like there is no tomorrow. I am incredibly excited to see how it translates into print because… everything is better in print! By the way, the book is currently up on Amazon and available for pre-order. The official release date is October 22, right around the time that you all will be craving warm & cozy accessories!

**All of the above photos were captured by the lovely Marissa Maharaj | Polaroids taken by: Max Wanger | The photos below are from my iphone