Not too long ago, I invited you guys to submit designs for the Top-Notch Type series ( I am 100% still accepting designs so send them my way ). This week I will be showing off my favorite entry so far – It’s by a designer friends of mine, Star St.Germain. I met Star in Palm Springs at a design retreat. She is smart, strong, and passionate about what she does so I was honored that she sent us a font.

A few words about her font: “I adore vintage type, and this one hits all my retro-love buttons! It comes in 2 styles (round & sharp) with an oblique version of both. The upper and lowercase characters are both in caps, but the crossbars on the uppercase are at an angle. You can choose just how slanty you want it just by switching cases. The type designer has also released a big-brother to this font called Bourbon. While Bourbon is a premium font, it’s inexpensive enough to give you more options than Moonshiner without breaking the budget.”

Font: Moonshiner
Number of styles: 4 (round, round oblique, sharp, sharp oblique)
Designer: Mattox Shuler
Get it here: Dribbble