Good morning friends!! Chelsea here, happy to announce Emma & I are BACK ( please forgive our hiatus ) with our second topic of the series, Design Guide — PAPER! There’ll be four posts dedicated to tools, resources & tips on how to use paper thoughtfully in your design projects. I’m kicking things off with a fun project anyone can create—a paper embosser. Enjoy & feel free to ask me anything about embossing in the comments section.

An embosser is a tool that creates a raised design on paper, often seen as a seal on official documents. ( ss opposed to debossing which sinks into the paper ) Luckily, you can easily and cheaply order an embosser online for your own use! What I love most about this tool is that it immediately creates a luxe and unique feeling. You don’t see raised type and graphics on paper that often so when you do, it’s no doubt going to get attention. For my embosser, I went with my return address. I embossed gold labels but it would work just as well on the back of an envelope.

» My Handheld Embosser ( good if you’re using from time to time )
» Desk Embosser ( if you’ll be using it often… easier to punch )
» Pre-Designed Embossers ( if you’re not designing your own )

Other Materials Pictured
» Gold Labels
» Grid Envelopes
» Vintage Stamps

Stay tuned for the second post on paper from Emma in two weeks!!