Hey Everyone! Now that Eva has sadly left the column, I decided to invite a few guest type lovers to show us what they’ve got. I found this week’s designer, Jonathan Lawrence, on Dribbble and knew he would kill it! ( …and he did, of coarse ) One of my favorite projects that he’s worked on is this one, for Richard Photo Lab. Talk about taking a logo and making it come to life. Bravo Jon! Keep it up.

“I probably dislike 95% of the free fonts out there. Finding one that has quality and consistency in all it’s characters can be pretty challenging. That being said, I really like this font, Hello Denver, designed by Good Apples. It’s got a nice, strong industrial feel to it. A little vintage, a little modern, something you’d see on the side of a train. It’s difficult to read at small sizes, and not available in small caps, but still really nice for display text, headlines, or any large details.” -Jonathan Lawrence

Font: Hello Denver
Number of styles: 2
Classification: Sans serif / Stencil / Display / All Caps
Designer: Good Apples
Get it here: Hello Denver