Project real life mood-board is going really well. I was curious to see how long it would take me to acquire a fresh new board of pretty trinkets. The past two weeks have thankfully been rich with new friends, food, and fun so it filled up fast!! – and here’s everything to show for it. The Bay has been great to me so far – I still haven’t skimmed the surface of exploring all the wonderful suggestions y’all gave me when I posted here. I actually landed in the East Bay, not SF – so I am all ears if you have favorites spots over here.

…What’s on the board?
…Here are some of my favorites +

A Local Natives sticker | I went to Cookbook for the first time this month | Beads from Karen Kimmel | A STATE tag and thank you message | Pretty patterns from Kristen Marie | Purple dried flowers picked from my street | A print from David Dresbach at Studio On Fire | I felted the colorful balls myself | A navy & silver card from Flora | Some new earrings from Fresh Tangerine

Note —> You can see my first go at project real life mood-board here