Introducing Sarah Yates!! Here’s what she’s up to… “These days I’m keeping busy with my wedding photography collective Birds of a Feather. We’re currently planning a charity dog photo shoot which I’m really looking forward as it involves one of my favorite pastimes- dressing up pups! When I’m not working on all of that I’m writing advice columns, sharing my personal style and cooking up a storm for my blog, A House in the Hills. -And because I find myself most creatively inspired when I travel, I’m always looking for an excuse to hop on a plane and GO!!”

…and now her favorite item & why:
“Absolutely the booties! They remind me of a pair I had as a kid that I called “elf boots”. I wore them until my parents couldn’t take it anymore and told me I lost them (I later found them hidden in my parent’s closet and was devastated to realize I’d outgrown them). Finding these was like finding an old friend!”

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