Introducing, Kathleen Shannon – I first met Kathleen at a design retreat in Palm Springs. A bunch of female designers gathered together to relax, learn, & grow. Right off the bat, she struck me as a uniquely strong individual who knew what was up!! I have been following her ever since and it turns out I was right, she’s pretty ON IT!

A little bit about her:
“Right now I’m focusing all of my creativity on building my business Braid Creative & Consulting with my sister, Tara, and our two employees. We help our clients, creative entrepreneurs, with branding and business visioning through our blog, one-on-one engagements, online ECourses, and soon we’ll be launching a series of in-person workshops. I’m also excited to start life coach training with Martha Beck for the next eight months so I can better help my clients with the work / life balance and challenges that come with working for yourself. And as always, I’m blogging about my own life and adventures with my husband over at Jeremy & Kathleen. Right now we’re planning a summer full of learning to surf and doing yoga on the beach.”

…and now her favorite piece & why:
“My Blockshop scarf hasn’t left my neck since I bought it for myself at Christmas time. It’s a piece that feels like an instant heirloom and one that I will cherish until the day I die. But my favorite piece is my Fiorentini + Baker boots. My husband bought these for me, a couple years ago, for my birthday. He simply set them in my closet to find amongst all my other favorite boots. It took me a whole week to notice them there!”