Having just packed up and organized all my things, I found a bunch of visual goodies I had tucked away in random places all year – including business cards, letters, photographs, and inside jokes! To make my new work space feel more at home and me-like, I selected some of my current favorites and made a mini mood-board! I am so used to making boards on the computer for my clients or for the blog so it was such a nice change to be able to handle the composition with physical objects. I plan to do this more, rotate and switch out all the visuals, and share the ones that I think are worthy of showing!! More coming soon + !!

…What’s on the board?
…Here are some of my favorites +

An orange print by Jen Gotch | An invitation from Kinfolk to their Dinner Series | Polaroids taken by Max Wanger | A postcard from the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs | Lots of business cards, including – My favorite place to get pastries in Los Angeles: Proof Bakery, a client from 2012: Cire Alexandria, a talented friend of mine: Kate Miss Jewelry, a drink master: Pharmacie LA, a memory from a long time ago: Magnolia Bakery, one of the most delicious pizzas I have ever eaten: Dove Vivi, a wood lover: Herriott Grace, and more…