Introducing the stunning Beth Kirby – “My current work explores a prosaic southern life through light, language, and flavor…which is an arguably pretentious way of saying I’m a freelance photographer, writer, and recipe developer from Tennessee. I’m a curator by nature and when I’m not behind the lens, keyboard, or stove, I can be found combing farmers markets and flea markets. I’m inspired by everyday life, by farm to table food and the perfect imperfections of real people. I think all of life is worthy of art, from clean sheets and bowls of soup to neural synapses and event horizons. Bone marrow to billiard halls. Fresh bread to fine hats. It’s all one thing.”

…and now here favorite piece and why:
“My favorite piece, by far, is my hat. I’ve been declaring hats the new pants for almost a decade now, which is to say I’m a bit of an enthusiast. For me, this is the platonic ideal of hat: wide brim 100% wool with a thin leather band. It’s a very serious hat, not to be trifled with. I love hats because you have to stand up to them, you have to wear them with confidence or they’ll wear you. Do I believe that a fine hat will make you a better person? Maybe.” Thanks Beth!!

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