I am extra excited about today’s dreamy post!! The ladies over at Karen Kimmel Studios have so graciously given us an insiders look at one of their current products, the dream-catcher. They invited me over to their work space ( which happened to be right next door to my studio, neighbors!! ) to see how their dream catchers are made and to let me customize one of my own! I got to pick out my beads, string, feathers, everything! I was in color heaven and may or may not have had a really hard time choosing – there were so many beautiful options. My favorite detail was the wooden feathers & organic shapes that were laser cut out of a really thin wood – these hang from the bottom of the catcher and make it truly unique.

After designing mine, they had one of their artists come in and make TWO of them – Why two you ask?? Oh, that’s because someone is going to WIN the second one. Eeeek I am so excited for you guys!! This is truly a treat so say Thank You Karen!! To win, head over to their Facebook page and give them a big-fat-like!! Then leave a comment within this blog post about a recent dream you’ve had – the weirder, the better!! I wish you the best of luck + Happy Dreamin**

This giveaway is over – Thanks for entering!!
The winner is: Kristen Marie of NBD.