…So, it’s 2013 huh?? Sadly, I rang in the new year with the flu and am still getting over it – I guess I’ll survive. Although, I feel like it has kept me from reflecting & moving forward because my head is all cloudy & grumpy. I had plans to sit down and evaluate myself in every way a person should: Was I a good friend? Was I a good boss ( to myself, ha ), Was I healthy? Did I sleep enough? Am I saving enough $$, Do I work too much? etc… Of coarse there is always room for improvement so I am looking forward to getting un-sick and coming up with my game-plan for the new year! What are you guys most excited about as we all move forward?? Inspire me!

As of right this second, I am unpacking boxes & boxes of my life into my new bedroom. ( If you didn’t hear, I am now an SF resident. Well – technically I am in Berkeley, same difference. )  I love cleansing and reevaluating the things that we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. It’s so easy to settle and become complacent. I find that it’s so important, as I’m sure you guys do too, to create a living and working environment that leaves you happy, healthy, and inspired!! So for the next while, I will be working on creating a NEW space for myself, as well as making NEW friends, and trying to feel “at home” in this NEW gorgeous city. Cheers to a NEW chapter. ( p.s. This killer braid was done by Ali Brislin – Check out her Instagram for more pretty pictures of braids** )