Not too long ago, I designed a logo for Cire Alexandria – a talented jewelry & accessories designer. It was definitely one of my favorite projects from 2012. Today, Cire has kindly offered up one of her new pouches for you guys to win! I thought I would show you how I utilize mine & inspire you to enter + or purchase one!

Since moving to Berkeley, I haven’t had a car and have embraced the life of riding a bike everywhere. I was hesitant at first but it quickly grew on me. Riding everywhere means you have to think more about how you transport your belongings. I have a leather backpack that is great for everyday use. Then I have a reusable Baggu ( with alpacas on it ) for grocery runs! …and now I have my Cire pouch that holds my Instax camera, film, and exposures. From time to time, I will use it as an ipad case too! Needless to say, I use it on the daily and adore it. To enter, leave a comment about what you would put in it!

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