Over the past few months, I have slowly withdrawn from all of my usual to-do’s – Blogging, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Not because I wanted to but because things got crazy leading up to the holidays. Now that everything has gone back to normal ( …well, I still have a few boxes to unpack but I’m almost there ) I am getting back into all my routines and it feels great.

One of my most coveted Christmas gifts was my ipad mini ( thank you sweet boyfriend ) – I have wanted an ipad for a long time and knew it would be a great addition to my tech line-up. It has allowed me to step away from my desk but still be able to connect and interact while I am bopping around the house and around town. A girl can only sit at her computer for so long without going crazy – my ipad keeps me going while simultaneously getting comfy on the couch or browsing my favorite blogs over morning coffee. Some people might say hiss** hiss** to this – “you SHOULD disconnect and enjoy your breakfast, your roommates, your home… without a digital screen shoved in your face” and to this I say yes yes… I don’t ALWAYS have it with me but when I am in the mood to be extra connected – it’s wonderful!! I have been extra active on my Pinterest thanks to this wonderful device so I thought I would make some color-inspired collages in honor of my new toy!! Enjoy.