Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, friends! I’m excited to share this week’s font because it’s a little handmade gift – something I made just for Top-Notch Type enthusiasts! Have you guys played with the app iFontMaker? It’s exclusively made for iPad & allows you to easily (and quite quickly) make your own fonts. It’s super simple and self explanatory – when you open the app you’ll see all the glyphs you need. After making your font, you can email yourself a link that will allow you to download it! It’s as easy as that. But you do need to know, it’s hard to make ‘perfect’ fonts, they’re often more raw, sketchy, and imperfect. With practice, I’m sure you can turn them into perfect works of art. This one that I made ‘Top-Notch Type’ is a simple, narrow and tall, sans serif. It’s perfectly imperfect – Enjoy! -Eva Black

This week’s font : Top-Notch Type
Number of styles : 1
Classification : Sans Serif, Display
Designer : Eva Black
Download the font here –> : click me!!
Get the app here —> :

*This font is not for resale, it was made exclusively by Eva Black for Emmadime’s Top-Notch Type.
Please give credit where credit is due.