If you haven’t heard the news yet, here it goes… I have officially decided to move to San Francisco. It will be happening in… 28 days! I am incredibly excited & sad, mainly excited! Los Angeles has been so wonderful to me this past year – it was hard to imagine leaving when I first considered it ( I can’t believe it has already been a full year ). My handful of friends have kept me inspired, happy, and in motion – something that I haven’t had in a very very long time. I am going to miss them dearly but look forward to maintaing their relationships while moving forward and starting new ones. Cheers to change!!! P.S. This pic was taken by Lou Mora while driving around in a friend’s Volvo drinking slurpees.

NOTE: If you are in the bay area – I’d love to hear from you! I don’t know very many people there and am excited to branch out! Also, I am looking for a shared work space and have no leads as of right now. Any words of wisdom would be GREATLY appreciated. xoxo**