Brace yourself because this is going to be a long post!! I tried trimming it down & just couldn’t – I’m sure you guys will enjoy it so I’m not worried. I designed the logo for Hoboken Coffee Roasters a while back and have been patiently waiting as the shop came together. Mallory & Trey, the married couple behind the Guthrie, Oklahoma based business, have been working incredibly hard to get it up and open while simultaneously having a brand new baby, can you believe that?? They have been so great about sharing their process on Instagram if you’re interested in seeing how the space came together. I’ve been blown away by their work ethic and had to share their story in greater details, visually & verbally.

Hoboken on —> Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


The photographer who took all these photos had really wonderful things to say so I’ll quote some of what she wrote up in her blog post : “In this town, a young family ( they just had a new baby girl named Harvest ) who seems to fit the Portland | Greenwich Village | Kinfolk world achieved the beautiful and opened up their dream. They have successfully stayed true to their personal vision and personality and the entire town is simply smitten with them – an Anthropologie in the middle of a rodeo. This hasn’t been done. It’s brave and it’s working. Watch out – this sleepy sweet town is on the rise, and because of people like Trey + Mallory, it’s going to be a different place in five years. Better | Home-ier | Lovelier.”

“Oh, we wrote our blue-prints and design ideas on notebook paper!” They’ve saved and saved and saved so they could do it “right” and not get themselves into the crazy world of debt. I loved to hear that they approached this process slowly and patiently so that they could open the shop and move forward in a successful and positive direction. The next thing I will be working on with them is their website & I can’t wait to get started. I hope to be in Oklahoma soon so I can stop in and see it in person – and of coarse, have a cup of Mallory & Trey’s coffee.