Me and my roommate decided to spend this past Saturday morning together, walking around exploring. Our neighborhood has lots of secret stairways and hills that reveal little nooks and crannies. We decided to conquer one in particular – it seemed extra hidden. As we ventured up ( in our heeled shoes, ha ) we came across anything and everything – beautiful lighting, kittens, overgrown homes and paths, hikers, etc. It was glorious!! These images are the result of our morning together and the special details we came across.



I recently found this Mink Pink skirt at a local shop called Individual Medley. I can’t get enough of it. It has a high-waist fit and amazing slits up both sides. It’s a good combination of comfy and sexy. My shoes are Dolce Vita – I would die without their beautiful thick leather straps. The loose knit sweater is your basic F21 purchase and the double band brass ring was handmade by Christine Young of Young Frankk.

A big fat massive thank you to my roomie, Marissa Maharaj, for taking pretty pictures of me. She never fails to amaze me with her skillz. You can see my other style posts that she shot here, here & here!