Cheers to all you Libra’s out there. We thought we would celebrate you & your astrological goodness by dedicating this week’s Top-Notch to ya!! Story time – When I was in college, I would read my horoscope in the school newspaper almost everyday. I would let it inspire me  - whether it was good or bad news! SO tonight, as I am preparing this post, I decided to check out Libra’s reading and let it inspire. Turns out I really related to it. – Emma

“You are apt to be busier now as your life fills up with mental distractions and many things to do. However, all this activity isn’t necessarily a problem because it can lift you up out of the doldrums and bring much needed inspiration. Even if you don’t have too much on your plate, your restlessness still probably prevents you from getting the relaxation that you need. Don’t court frustration by trying to escape; instead, jump in with both feet and attempt to accomplish as much as possible.”


This week’s font : Octin Vintage Regular
Number of styles : 1
Classification : Grunge slab serif
Designer : Typodermic
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