Happy Friday y’all. I just found these pictures on Max Wanger’s website and they made me really happy. We took these probably a month ago and I forgot about them, nice little treat. There is nothing like impromptu roof-top time with an American flag and some friends ( that’s me in the middle ).

Anywhoo – I wanted to write a quick note saying that I am sorry for being so MIA lately. If you’re a regular to Emmadime, then you have probably noticed that my posts have slowed down over the past few weeks. This is by no means going to be a regular thing, trust me. It’s actually been a lot more of a challenge than I thought it was going to be. I have been blogging daily for who knows how long so it was a very foreign feeling when I stopped that routine.

Since April, I have been working on a very exciting personal project ( …that I can’t tell you guys about just yet) It has slowly become more time consuming and intense over the past few months, hence why things have slowed down in my blogging life. I have had to balance my already hectic life with more work than anyone should have on their plate. I keep telling myself it’s going to be worth it, because gosh-dangit… it is!!! But, I can’t help but hate that my life is being put on the back-burner because of one huge¬†commitment¬†I made. It’s exciting but it’s tough.

SooOOooo – There is really no point to this post except to get a tiny bit personal and share where I am at. Cheers to challenges and making it through them!! ( …and hoping that your friends and family will hug you with forgiving arms at the end of it all, ha )* …but seriously