…and the Design Guide continues!! If you guys follow Chelsea & I on Instagram, then you saw that we went to Palm Springs for a Design Retreat last weekend. We spent 3 days with a handful of really talented female designers – poolside! ( we had a tiny bit of structure in there but for the most part we just enjoyed each others company and chatted about our businesses ) I definitely left feeling charged and challenged. Chelsea & I decided to let the trip inspire this next COLOR post. Check it out – as soon as we got home, we selected all of our favorite Instagram images from the weekend and pulled color palettes from them! ( hence the type up top screaming PALM SPRING PALETTES ) We felt like this would be a really interesting way to show you guys how easy it can be to pull inspiration from daily life – and then apply it to design!

…and now – I invited Eva to pick her favorite palette and apply it to this weeks Top Notch Type Design!! She went with #03! “The various natural sceneries, bright sun and the shimmer from the pool, bring these colors to life. And this week’s typeface is another great one from designer, James T. Edmonson, for Lost Type Co-Op, Edmonsans. This sans-serif comes in three weights and has a few special features that gives this font it’s Top-Notch quality. You can’t go wrong using this one!” –Eva Black



This week’s font : Edmonsans
Number of styles : 3
Classification : Sans Serif
Designer : James T. Edmonson
Get it here —> : Lost Type Co-Op