Introducing Satsuki Shibuya! I am so excited for today’s feature – we dug real deep with this particular Lady & created an intimate video about her work and life. Aside from creating interior living & everyday goods, Satsuki’s curiosity takes her on adventures that may be anything from new recipes, crafty happenings, nature hunting to life pondering. I’ll let the video tell you the rest! Enjoy.

…and now her favorite piece & why :
“My favorite piece is the Topshop sweater. My husband ( then boyfriend ) took me to visit his family in London, which was also my first time in Europe & also the first time that i was introduced to Topshop. The store still had not been introduced to the states yet & all i could remember was being in awe of all the wonderfulness that was filling up the store.”

A HUGE thank you goes out to Marissa Maharaj for shooting and editing this video!!! ( she is the best roommate ever. ) P.S. I have the Sparkle Hunt : Cushion Cover and it’s by far my favorite thing in my bedroom right now. It is one of the highest quality handmade pieces I’ve bought in a long time. No joke, wink*